Bug? Single release date applied to future album release date

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Something that’s been around for a while which has always bugged me showed-p up again tonight so I’m writing about it. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just an annoyance on my part but it’s certainly “fixable”. I’ll dive right in with an example.

GoGo Penguin album GGP/RMX scheduled to be released on 5/7.
GoGo Penguin single “Atomised Machinedrum Remix” released on 2/26.

In Roon, the GGP/RMX album has a release date of 2/26 with all tracks marked unavailable except for track 2 which is “Atomised Machinedrum Remix”.

Problem: The GCP/RMX album is now showing up in “New Releases”, “Latest”, etc. except that’s not true. This album isn’t released yet and shouldn’t show-up anywhere in Roon. Just the single should be visible.

It’d be nice for Roon to apply the correct release date at the album level and then suppress the albums which have release dates today++.

Additionally, if the album is expected to show-up it should reflect the correct release date so I don’t get excited for something I’d need a time machine to listen to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… This has occurred with a few albums and I’m always having to leave Roon and chase down if these tracks are simply not streamable or if the album truly isn’t available. I don’t like leaving Roon. I feel safe here. The Internet is scary.

The fine people of Roon, please discuss and identify if this behavior can be better. Thank you.

…and if you’d like other examples just pull-up an album on the Qobuz pre-order list. I think my favorite is Bond 25 with an official release date of 10/1/2021 with a date in Roon of 10/2/2020. That’s a year off because the studio pushed the movie release a year but 1 single, "No Time To Die (arr. Orchestra) From ‘‘No Time To Die’’, was released on 10/2/2020 in anticipation of the movie release.

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I agree, this has been an annoyance for me a number of times too.

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