[BUG] Some folders not being seen, even after force rescan

I’ve got the latest version of Roon/Bridge installed (157), but it seems it’s not seeing a portion of my collection, even after I force a rescan.

I recently added about 10 new discs (as folders) to my NAS, and only some of them are being picked up after a force-rescan. Many of these are new artists, not previously in my library. I didn’t see this problem in the prior build.

Anyone else seeing this? Is there a “No, really, I mean it, actually traverse the directory tree this time Force Rescan” button I’m not aware of? It’s not like these are obscure artists. I reckon people have heard of The Beatles and David Bowie :wink:

Are there issues with file names? Are characters not being escaped properly, causing a silent abandonment? (Kool & The Gang does have its ampersand in the folder name). Historically, Roon has been cool with standard non-alphanumeric characters in filenames like ()[]$#@*&,., etc

It doesn’t seem to be a depth issue, as my library folder is at the root level of the directory tree.

I’m a bit at a loss. Oh, and these files play in other media players just fine (Vox for example), so I know the files aren’t corrupt.

Have you checked file permissions to ensure Roon has read access to the the folders?

By any chance, you don’t have a folder called “recycler”, do you?

Yes there is a force rescan button but my sarcasm filter momentarily stops me telling you where it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Storage settings. Watching folders on a NAS can yield results like this as some NAS don’t broadcast the presence of new files to Roon well enough

Also check that there is no “tmp” or “temp” folder. These, along with “recycler”, will be excluded from a scan.

All the folders in the path have the same permissions as the other folders that do work/are picked up.

Should not have to I know, but have you tried stopping and re-starting the Roon core?

There are no folders (or dot folders/invisible folders) that are named any of these things in the path.

Also, left out some additional material:

I’m on a mac (10.11.5 for Roon Server (mac mini), 10.10.5 for the controller (Mac Pro)). The mini is GigE attached to a Synology NAS, which is mounted via SMB(3) to the mini.

Ya know? I haven’t, but I should have done that.

…aaaand just quit and rebooted the RoonServer (core). Sure enough, the start/stop found those missing artists/albums.

it also cleared up two seemingly identical instances of my Prince entry that strangely appeared during my force-rescans.

So it seems like @Carl had a good idea with kicking the Roon Core. It found the missing albums and cleared up what looked like some additional corruption in the database: [BUG] Some folders not being seen, even after force rescan

While my immediate problem seems to be put to bed, Do the Devs want any additional log information? A low use Roon Core shouldn’t have its DB get wonky, and refuse to see some folders on manual rescan.

Thanks for the feedback and great you’re up and running now.

@Brian something for you to ponder on: What does rebooting Roon that Force Rescan does not?