Bug: Track Import Date (Linux)

Roon seems to be taking the modification date as the file creation data. I am running Roon on Debian, the share is mounted using SMB.

Is this a function of the Linux file system or a Roon issue?

Also I am not sure what you mean… I see your creation year to be “2016” and your modified day of “Today” with a different time stamp so it does not seem the same.

Lok at the create dates in the Apple window and in the Roon window. The Roon window shows the last changed date as the create date.

ok I understand now. I think that Roon sees that a song is not modified when been open hence why you dont see a time stamp update under Roon. I am not sure if its a bug or is normal.
On the other hand the OS does which is normal.

Why does your OS think it was created 2016? Is your server’s date and time correct?

Because the file was created in 2016 and the metadata edited today.

ok, The reason I ask is because I though that roon was picking that up and matching it (At least in my head it did… lol), but clearly as your images show It does not., It seems that roon is only picking up its own data.

Strange but not? :slight_smile: