Bug: unavailable track mess up queue [Ticket Open]

If an Tidal album have single tracks that are not available, these tracks are not added to the queue if you play the album or try to add single tracks.

While shuffeling the whole collection (or parts of) not available tracks are added to the queue and if one of this tracks should be played, a strange behaviour occur. Instead skipping only the not available track, a bunch of other tracks are skipped too and you see in the queue before the current track a grouped entry of 10-30 tracks and the, in this moment the radio window on the right displayed track is played as current track. Real strange and reproducable on my system.

Build 300 64 Bit on a Windows 10 system.
Last tested with 'Taj Mahal’s album ‘The Essential’ and the (in germany) unavailable track ‘Queen Bee’.

Add: forget to say, I added this track with a dozens others with the thumb up button in the radio window on the right. So the queue is filled with a lot of tracks as the problem occurs.

In my opinion unavailable tracks should never be presented to thumb them up in radio,

Thanks for the feedback @AE67, we will have a look and see what we can come up with.

Thanks again!

@support: could you reproduce this issue?

Hi @AE67 ----- My apologies for the slow response here. Yes, the issue has been reproduced and a ticket is open with our DEV team who will schedule/evaluate accordingly.

I will be sure to keep you up to date on their progress :microscope:


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thanks Eric

Any news on this?

Nothing? Happened two times only today.
This bug is really annoying and in my setup 100% reproducable. See steps to reproduce in earlier post…

I just bumped up the priority on this ticket @AE67 – totally understand this is a frustrating bug.

Just keep in mind that changes in this area of the product require extensive testing to ensure we’re not shipping regressions.

Even for a straightforward bug like this, it can be a lot of overhead to ship a fix, so changes related to the queue and playback engine typically happens in batches, which is why this been sitting in the backlog, and why it’s hard for me to commit to any timeline. For now, the ticket remains open and we’ll get to this as soon as we can. Appreciate your patience @AE67!

Thanks for the feedback!

I will keep this in mind and has some kind of understanding, being a software developer myself.
As a paying customer, not having a fix for a reproducable ‘straightforward bug’ after 3 months, is not easy to understand.

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Meanwhile another 6 months has passed.
Any news on a bugfix?

@mike Nothing?

I can verify this as an issue. Had a queue of a couple of hours of tracks, shuffled from my library. Happened to take a look as it seemed like things were farther along in the queue than I expected. Turns out I clicked ‘thumbs up’ to add a track to the queue and that track was unavailable to stream from Tidal (other tracks on the album are available). Instead of just skipping that track, 22 tracks were skipped. Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing, or is this ticket still open after 2 years? Thanks, cheers!

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The bump up seems not to had any effect.
Two years to fix a reproducable bug is a really tax for my patience.

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I have also noticed this issue - after Roon radio encounters an “Unavailable” track, several tracks that are available are quickly skipped. I am also unsure if there is a way to keep Unavailable tracks from showing up in Roon radio in the first place. I like to add unreleased albums from Qobuz but would like to avoid having these show up until after release.

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Going to resurrect this old bug as I have been experiencing a similar issue and could not find any recent posts about it in my searches.

I mostly use Tidal and Qobuz together, with only a small number of albums
(~20) added manually to fill in some gaps with missing music that I can’t stream.

I’m using a Windows 10 laptop with up to date software and drivers.

Windows 10 Home Version 2004 Build 19041.450
500GB SSD (under Properties: 448GB capacity with 378GB free)

Connected via LAN to FiOS Gigabit tier and only used as a Roon core connected directly to RME ADI-2 DAC via USB.

I typically go to my Albums, which shows 3159 available, and select “Shuffle” to randomly play any song. I keep the Queue window opened while listening, and on occasion I might use the thumbs up/down feature to build a queue with songs I am in the mood to hear. I can go through and add over 50 songs to the queue in a couple of minutes.

I’ve noticed more then once when a track is skipped for being unavailable, I will see my entire queue skipped over that was previously thumbed up to play. It’s annoying and I am getting tired of the random player seeming to continue to play the same artists over and over again. A solution to this would be to thumb up or down any songs in the queue so that I can get beyond this limitation; however, I’ll add 100 tracks to play, only to hear 20 minutes later ANOTHER Shania Twain track playing after I intentionally skipped over any country-genre themes in my queue. When I check the queue and scroll up to see the history, there could be 94 tracks skipped immediately after the actual track that was unavailable.

This completely wipes out the custom queue I created using the thumbs up/down feature and I am back to the “random” player picking it usual suspects. Looking at my Last.FM history, I truly am seeing a lot of bias toward certain artists and songs that simply do not follow statistically random selections.

It would be nice to have the queue exclude ANY unavailable tracks to play with the thumbs up/down feature and to only have a single track skipped if unavailable or an error occurs while leaving those remaining songs in the queue to be played later.

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It is frighteningly annoying.

When I turned off the radio for every instance in my Play Actions section, it seems the tracks made available to thumbs up or down are only available in my library with local, Tidal, or Qobuz. I have not run into a situation where I can validate this, and I have not listened long enough to feel comfortable that this resolved the problem.

I was able to pull in a known “unavailable” track from the queue and moved it to a position just prior to a big manual selection via thumbs, and it blew away all the tracks I had selected to play and started shuffling from scratch with a totally new song that was not approved.

2.5 years now! A lot of patience to appreciate

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