Bug when adding artists with quotes

Bug with Roon version 1.6 (build 416)

I am adding an artist to a track using “+ Add Artist.” When I’m in the Choose Artist dialog and type or paste the artist name into the entry field, a list of possible matching names appears below. In previous builds, if the artist had quotes in their name - e.g. Pierre “Baro” Ferret - I could paste in the name including the quotes and the matching name of Pierre “Baro” Ferret would be found. In the latest build, nothing is returned unless I remove the quotes. In other words, to find Pierre “Baro” Ferret, I cannot type Pierre “Baro” Ferret but instead must type in Pierre Baro Ferret.

Hi @DeathRobotm

We currently have a ticket open with our development team regarding this issue. I can’t provide any specific timeframes, but in the meantime, if you enter the names without the quotes that should work for you.

Thanks for the reports!

Thanks, Dylan.

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