Build 102 64 bit Windows 10 reports 'Roon has stopped working' [fixed]

Roon has stopped frequently after palying several tracks. I should restart roon everytime tat happen. ‘roon has problem so has been stopped…’ message always coming up on the screen. window 10. I have updated latest version. Roon version 1.1(build 102) stable (64bit).

Pls keep me posted.

Hi, I’ve flagged @Mike @vova to pick this one up.
I suspect they may wish to get some Roon logfiles off your system.

Hi, is there something I should do now?

Just let the guys sleep and they will pick it up when they are back at their desks :smile:

Hello @JOHN_LEE,

Apologies for inconvenience here. Do you use other audio-related software when Roon is running, something like: ASIO4ALL, JRiver, JPlay or something similar?


Yes I have installed Jriver and foobar2000 but they are not used anymore after roon take over my system.

I use hqplayer but same situation happened when I play roon without it.

thank you for your response.

Oh, I have fidelizer 6.14 on my system and it works with roon. I have set fidelizer as ‘work station’ mode…

Would you mind to run a small test before we’ll go deeper in troubleshooting process? Try to run Roon without Fidelizer 6.14 for a day and let me know how it’s going.

Appreciate your understanding @JOHN_LEE .


Same problem occurred without Fidelizer 6.14.

Thanks for information @JOHN_LEE,

Would you mind to share the logs with us, so we can get a better sense of what is happening to Roon. I’ll contact you shortly via PM. Stay tuned.

My Roon problem is similar. Roon randomly pauses for 30 seconds or more, one to three times per hour. The music usually continues wonderfully afterward. However, one out of 20 times it will go “da, da, da, da, da, …” very rapidly and I reboot the system.

The system had Dirac, which I removed, but the problem remains. My Windows 10 Pro on a dedicated i3/8 GB Intel NUC is fully updated and has an XMOS driver installed. The music source is frequently TIDAL HIFI ($20/month is a great value). When I run TIDAL separately, I haven’t found the delay to be a problem.

Any ideas? I’ll still run Roon. I have JRiver installed, but I never use it anymore. Roon is that good!

Running Current Roon for weeks (PC Windows 10). Just stopped working.

Hi, Build 157 was launched on the 18th of August, can you check if that is the version you are running now.

Thanks. I downloaded, then reinstalled. Problem went away. Very easy fix. PC was probably
the cause. Roon updates semi-automatically. Great product.