Build 102 is slow to find server [resolved]

Ever since I upgraded to RoonServer 1.1 Build 102 (on OSX), the first client I use to try to connect to the RoonServer in the morning seems to take a really long time, on the order of minutes. Eventually it connects and starts behaving normally, and all the subsequent clients are able to connect right away. Any idea why might be causing this wakeup lag? I’ve confirmed that the mac isn’t going to sleep and can log in via Screen Sharing and see “Roon Service: Running” in the systray while this is happening.

The computer my not be sleeping but the disk might be… check that “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” is not checked in the Energy Saver pref pane.

There are some known issues regarding network connections which will be fixed in 1.2, particularly on wakeup. Not sure if this is one of those, @mike may be able to assist.

I’m convinced it’s not a Roon issue. This morning I let it sit for a while with no connection, then I tried pinging (still no connection), then I tried connecting via Screen Sharing and POP it immediately connected.

I did have “put hard disk to sleep” checked so I turned that off (to see if it goes away), but the disk is actually shared via NFS and it wasn’t sleeping before. I haven’t touched my power settings in a while so it’s strange this recently started happening. I’m guessing an OSX update broke things. Looking forward to Linux RoonServer so that I can ditch OSX and NFS.

OS X updates have been known to reset screen saver and energy saver settings.

I have my Roon Server on an older z68 core i5 hackintosh and I’d always forget to check my settings after system updates and system cache rebuilds.

Unchecking “disk to sleep” seems to have done the trick – no waiting this morning for my Roon. Thanks!