Build 147 Other Versions button missing

Other Versions button is missing after edit until I switch to another view and return:

  1. Album is unidentified in Roon.
  2. No Other Version button available (as expected – Roon doesn’t know what the current album really is).
  3. Dots > Edit > Identify Album > Select proper album.
  4. Roon now properly identifies the album, but there still is no Other Version button.
  5. Change to Album, Track, Playlist or Whatever view.
  6. Return to the Album that you edited.
  7. The Other Versions button is now available.

I think once the edit is complete, the Other Versions button should appear in a sort of automatically-refreshed kind of way. I shouldn’t have to go somewhere and come back.

Why do I care? Because once the album is identified, I can use the Other Versions button to get to see the album in Tidal, where I can add or remove tracks as desired, thus helping me complete my edit.

EDIT: Build 147 Stable, 64-bit, Windows 10.


Button is not shown because Roon wasn’t able to find such version in TIDAL.

If that is true, then why does the button appear when I return to the album listing?

Further, I have observed this issue with albums that are in Tidal. Do you have any other ideas?