Build 147 Roon deleted tracks from playlist after update

I’m running Roon on a Windows 10 machine.
On 6/30 I saw the notice (on my iPad) of an update being available that would alter the way that Roon stores file paths.

I chose not to install the update right away, but play some music first. I have externally generated m3u playlists (which Roon imports just fine) and also ‘native’ playlists. I noticed that, looking at one 250-track m3u playlist and one 50-track native playlist that, say, 10 percent of the tracks was marked as unavailable.

I stopped Roon on the Windows 10 machine and made a backup of the Roon Folder. Restarting Roon, it started immediately to update the database (and I thought I had not told it to upgrade yet).

After that, I noticed that the unavailable tracks in the m3u playlist had been found again. But the unavailable tracks in the Roon native playlist were gone.

If I restore from the backup and start Roon, it immediately starts doing the database update again.
I would really like to know which tracks were deleted from my Roon playlist. Is there any way to know that now?

I managed to remember one of the now missing entries and found the following entries in a log file (after the DB update):

06/30 13:01:24 Debug: [storage/directory] extracting \SHAVNAS\Music\Other_Downloads\2016-Q1\Nik Bärtsch’s Mobil - Aer (2004)\06 - Modul 8_11.flac

06/30 13:01:24 Debug: [music/storage] undeleting deleted track with the same file key
06/30 13:01:24 Debug: [music/storage] importing file 67:0:Other_Downloads/2016-Q1/Nik Bärtsch’s Mobil - Aer (2004)/06 - Modul 8_11.flac from Music

The actual path to the file is:
\shavnas\Music\Other_Downloads\2016-Q1\Nik Bärtsch’s Mobil - Aer (2004)\06 - Modul 8_11.flac

Hello @GeorgeSmiley,

Thanks for your report and apologize for the inconvenience here. Issue you are describing isn’t caused or anyhow related to the latest update, it is a bug we are aware of. This issue may only happen under following circumstances: you’ve added a track to the ‘native’ playlist, removed that track from its folder and restarted the app.

Sorry for inconvenience once more.

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Hi @vova,

Thank you for your prompt reply, but I can assure you that no tracks were removed from their location.
To be specific, the missing track was always at:
\shavnas\Music\Other_Downloads\2016-Q1\Nik Bärtsch’s Mobil - Aer (2004)\06 - Modul 8_11.flac

Would appreciate if you could dig a bit deeper.