Build 147 Roon stops and returns to a previous album

Ever since the new build I find Roon plays a couple of songs and then stops, it will lose connection and always come back to the same spot on a Prince album I was playing a few days ago! It was previously working perfectly so I am perplexed. I only play Flac and some MP3 and it happens with all of them.
System is Roon on Intel NUC, music on Synology DS213, playing on Devialet D200 using AIR Ethernet. All are hard wired Ethernet linked to an Asus router.
Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks

Sorted it myself thanks. There was obviously something wrong with the Prince album, I had 2 copies, one rip, one download so I removed both from the NAS and restarted, voila! Everything fine. All the files looked fine so I will reload one of the albums tomorrow and see what happens. A very strange problem now thankfully fixed.