Build 147 Transfer Zones? [Solved]

I may be going blind, but can’t seem to see where to change to a different Zone during playback with the new build 147.

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In the Queue screen: the double arrow icon bottom right in the graphical header.

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Yep, some of the text and icons have changed in 147.

Rene / Carl

Really Appreciate the quick feedback (that’s one big bonus of Roon and it’s Community :thumbsup:).

Transfer Zone used to be on the left hand side, so I keep looking over that side of the screen. Found it now and no worries with changing zones now.

Realise the guys at Roon are sooooooooo busy, be that testing, fixing, answering, etc. all things to do with Roon, but it would be useful for a manual to be developed (realise FAQ is the place that Roon point to, but it is limited in answers, and takes a while before being updated).

Would I prefer extended time to be put into a manual, as a sacrifice time developing Roon - No, would prefer the updates to come first, but a manual would be really handy.

Not having a dig here at the Roon guys, just a general comment.

2 main updates for me would be additional remote playback (off-site, or via iPhone), and addition of ChromeCast or other cheap option as an Endpoint (being greedy here and no it won’t happen, but just a wee prompt if in the long future possibilities).


The searchable manual is coming, as part of the Roon Knowledge base, it will evolove and improve over time.

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