Build 157 touch quirk (non-repeatable)

When I came back to use build 157, I noticed a quirk on my iPad: using my normal gesture of touching an album in the album browser didn’t open it, but instead selected it (with the button bar along the top). A really, really quick touch did open it. But a normal tap behaved like a long press had behaved before.

I did not see this behavior on the iPad mini or the iPhone, nor on any Windows touch devices.

It did recur for two days on the iPad, but today as I am writing this the problem has gone away.

Such non-repeatable quirks are frustrating.

Did you complete the latest iOS update? I believe the firmware update was mostly security oriented, but Apple stuff can go wonky from time to time.

Update had not been done when the problem occurred and fixed itself. Did it later, but not related.