Build 161: iPad seems to take longer to initially connect to Roon server?

yah… i pushed a test for @mike to try out

I have the same hesitation Using iOS 10 on an iPad Mini 3. This is much longer than it should be. Sometimes I question whether the Core is running on Macbook.

Roon is running the Core on a Macbook (12 inch, 8Gig, 1.5 years old,1.3 GHz Intel Core M). Mac OS 10.10.5. Roon version 1.2 (build 162) There is a definite hesitation when the iPad tries to connect to Roon as a remote.

Same behavior here as described above. iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 with Roon Server on Mac Mini i7 8Gb and full Apple network. Delay is unpredictable and can take up to 10s sometimes more sometimes .5s

almost like it needs to reconnect
any solutions?

I’m seeing the same on my 9.7" iPad Pro.

Mine is a cellular version, so I wonder if wifi drops on sleep and this causes the issue. No way to force wifi on all the time. I’ll disable cell data and see what happens.