Build 200 substantial memory saving

While I’m waiting for some unresolved issues with the 1.3 upgrade on my Linux box I’ve been running Roon Server on an old Mac Mini (2012, i5, 16GB RAM) and have noticed substantial memory use improvements with Build 200.

Build 200 seems to use roughly half the memory of previous builds - including 1.2 builds - which can only be a good thing.

See the graph below - I upgraded to Build 200 around 11.45 this morning:

Pretty graphs courtesy of Grafana:

Im also seeing about 30% of the usage in Win10 so far since the relaunch with Build 200

I am not seeing improvement. Since upgrading to 1.3 my memory has increased by about 6% to around 22%. My biggest concern is about a possible memory leak. The other day I saw the memory above 30% while experiencing sluggish response from Roon remote on my laptop. Not sure if the two are related.

Just checked in Win10 again today and still hovering around the same 1.9GB memory use for RoonAplliance.EXE after the B200 restart

I would expect Roon 1.3 to use a little bit more memory than 1.2. Mainly because of the new search indexes. Roon has always been more CPU/storage-performance constrained than RAM-constrained, so spending a little bit more RAM in return for better CPU impact (and not making the storage demands heavier) is a good tradeoff. There was nothing in build 200 that should cause drastic changes in memory consumption.

I think this is because after updating Roon starts fresh. Memory builds up while you use it (cache) . Mine start at around 500 MB and slowly goes up to around 2 GB. Don’t be afraid of high memory usage. You should be more concerned if your software doesn’t use much memory because that is what it is there for. Memory management in operating system works totally different then 10 years ago. Low memory usage is not always a good thing.