Build 207 - COMPOSITION tags without MOVEMENT tags do NOT work

According to build 207 release notes, “Support for WORK/COMPOSITION tag even if no PART/MOVEMEMENT tag is provided”. This does not appear to be the case for me. I unidentified J.S.Bach “Well-Tempered Clavier Book II” by Gustav Leonhardt, orig. ed. on DHM. Without any COMPOSITION/MOVEMENT tags, first 6 tracks are shown as:

Setting on all 24 tracks the COMPOSITION tag to string “The Well-Tempered Clavier (24), collection of preludes & fugues, Book II, BWV 870-893 (BC L104-127)” produce nothing. Tracks are displayed as above, without being grouped in the expected composition.

After setting on tracks 1 and 2 tag MOVEMENT to values "1"and “2” resp., the tracks are shown grouped in a composition, but only those tracks.

Continuing on tracks 3 and 4, setting MOVEMENT to “3” and “4” produces:

Similar results were obtained by experimenting with WORK/PART.

From my experience, it appears that both COMPOSITION and MOVEMENT tags must be set in order to produce the intended compositon works in Roon. Could someone have a look ?

Hi @Andre_Gosselin What are you trying to achieve here? One grouping of all the tracks in a single performance of the work/composition?

Hi Joel. What I want is simply to verify what is said in the build 307-308 release notes about the possibility of grouping tracks into a composer “work” by setting COMPOSITION (or WORK) tags on tracks without setting MOVEMENT (or PART) tags on those tracks. I took as a test case an unidentified album of the complete Well-Tempered Clavier book II (WTC II) by John Sebastian Bach. More often than not all the movements comprising WTC II are handled as a single work (as is the case for the two performances by Angela Hewitt on Hyperion). So, I assigned all album tracks the same COMPOSITION tag, without any MOVEMENT tag, hoping that Roon would come up with a single “work” grouping those tracks, The album was unidentifed. Unfortunately, this was without success and Roon did not produce any “work” for this album. Only when I started to set MOVEMENT tags on the tracks did I start to see the “work” progressively come to life, as shown in my original post.

I could have taken any unidentified album as a test case. Unless I am seriously mistaken, my understanding of the release notes is that setting a set consecutive tracks to the same COMPOSITION tag value should be enough to generate a coresponding “work” in Roon, even if no MOVEMENT tags are set on those tracks. The movement names should be then taken from the tracks titles. Am I right here ?

Having Roon handle the COMPOSITION tags the way I expect it would IMHO be a big step forward for classical music libraries, because it would put the user more in control of the contents of composer works. Next step would be to allow the same level of control on identified albums, allowing COMPOSITION tags to override the “work” definitions used by the Roon metadata providers.