Build 216: After the update Roon does not access my music collection [Resolved]

I am using Mac Pro running OS Sierra 10.12.4, music storage is a QNAP TVS 471 and a Bryston Player. My system is connected by CAT5.

Last night I updated the Roon software to build 216 and now Roon does not access my music collection. Tidal works fine and Roon sees both the Bryston and QNAP.

Not sure what version you updated from… Build 209?

Are you using SMB share access from within roon?

maybe you can post a screen shot of your storage settings in roon?

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Also check your setup with the KB here

Here is the shot of my storage

Where is your music storage and where is the core? Are they both on the QNAP?

I would expect to see something like \ipaddress\music as your music folder not roonserver

Mine looks like this

The core and music storage are both on the QNAP. Everything worked great until the software update.

Ok so are they (music files) all in the RoonServer folder structure? Thats an odd way to have it if you ask me.

if not then you need to add that specific root folder where the music is

All music files are on the Roon Server. Why did it work for months and not now? Where would you put the music if not on the server?

Most would have a music share on the NAS before installing RoonServer - So Roon Server is where the CORE is installed, but it is unlikely to be where the music is stored on the NAS

I can’t explain why it was working before if this was how it is - but unless you moved all the music you had on the NAS before RoonSever was installed to the newly created folder “RoonServer” on the NAS then you need to add a folder to tell RoonServer where the music files are specifically.

@crieke Maybe Chris can give some advice

Hope Chris can help

Hi @Steve_Child,
are you getting an error message in the storage settings of Roon?

Where are your music files located specifically? Directly on the RoonServer share? If so I’d recommend to move them at least to a subfolder (for example something like “Music” or “Media files”). Otherwise your database location will be searched for media files as well and I have no clue if this might cause any implications. I put my music files on a separate shared folder (“Music”).

Can you provide a screenshot of your storage settings in Roon?

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Hi @Steve_Child ----- Thank you for the feedback here and my apologies for the troubles here.

I see from your posts that you’ve provided us with screenshots of the “Add Storage Location” window (example #1). Can you please provide us a screenshot of the “Storage” tab (example #2) found under settings?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Chris my software recognized my music collection this morning. Thanks for everyones efforts. Things are working now.

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