Build 259 has yet to come to me (ROCK) [Resolved]

Build 259 has yet to come to me (ROCK). How do I force the update? Nothing happens when I go to "About: under settings

Hi @thyname ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with a screenshot of your “about” section in Roon.



I don’t seem to have it either. Mac client has updated to 259 when I checked the About screen just now, but ROCK itself is still checking for updates…

Normally the client/remote would tell me there was an update with a blue box at the bottom, but this time it did not. Restarted Roon remote on the Mac but no change. I have the new Play drop down so seems to be working, but no Audeze presets.

Thank you for chiming in @Anthony_Bates, and sorry for the troubles. We are currently looking into what could be causing this to occur and once I have some more feedback, I will update this thread accordingly.

Your patience is very appreciated!

Have you rebooted the NUC?

Is this what is supposed to be? Just restarted everything. Thanks

Yes, you’re all set.

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Hi Mike,

no, I will try that soon. I did notice that my Roon OS version is still on 1.0 (build 76) stable too; as it has been from the start. This never prompted me or updated itself to the recent 148 either.

Ok, two reboots of the NUC later and I am fully up to date!
First reboot made Roon OS148 available, installed and rebooted.Then ROCK 259 was showing as available. Installed and relaunched and it is all there.
I guess the question is why it got stuck on Roon OS Build 76, where it had been since install (60+ days ago). NUC has not been powered down since the initial install of ROCK. This is the first and only updating issue I have had since the start so not too bad really for an appliance (even Linux based appliances all need rebooting occasionally in my experience.).

Thank you for the quick response as usual and keep up the good work Team Roon. :slight_smile:

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