Build 259 missing new functionality on iPad [Answered]

I just updated Roon to Builds 259 (core/ROCK) and 112 (bridge/RoPieee) and cannot see/find the new functionalities. The “Play Album” button still looks (and acts) the same without the drop down options. Neither the DSP Engine does show the Audeze Presets. I do not know if anything else is missing.
I rebooted both the core and the bridge but that didn’t help.
Please advise and TIA.

You need to update your remote. iOS is still undergoing approval in the App store, I think.

Desktop version working fine with the new functions - Drop Down Option & Audeze Presets.

Like the new dropdown option, looks cleaner (to me) :thumbsup:

I was just able to update the iOS app (in Virginia).

That was the missing piece!
Updated the remote app (iOS) and all is fine.
The one-touch Play fuction (with options) is great!
Vertical scrolling any time soon?