Build 269 - iTunes Playlists Disappear [Resolved - Multiple iTunes XMLs in watch folder]


I upgraded to build 269 this morning, and all my iTunes playlists disappeared.
While Roon scanned my drive, the playlists would periodically flash back and disappear again - almost too quick to see.

With the previous builds, Roon would sometimes loose half the contents of some playlists, if I was editing them for instance, but normally would eventually pick up all the correct contents again - although I sometimes had to re-start to get this to happen.

So I re-started Roon a number of times and left it to scan my disks for an extended period. The playlists never came back.

I have reverted to the previous build now, and they are all back as expected.

@support might be better :smiley:

Hi @steve_Catterall ----- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles. We appreciate the feedback.

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior you are reporting to us with the new build would you kindly please provide a brief but _accurate_description of your current setup, using this link as a guide.

Furthermore, I would also like to have our techs take a look at your logs so we can understand the issue, but I should mention that rolling back to an earlier version is going to make this harder to debug, and it’s also something we generally strongly recommend against. I’m not sure how you are rolling back but for future reference, we’ve detailed some of the reasons we don’t advise this here.

To look into this further, we’ll need to look at the logs related to this issue, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to the current version. If you did a backup before rolling back, I would recommend restoring that, as the rollback process can sometimes have unpredictable effects that our QA team and developers won’t be aware of as we don’t do any testing of the “downgrade” process.

Once you’re running the current version, please let me know some timestamps for when you saw the playlists “flashing” back and disappearing again. Then I can enable some additional diagnostics on your account and pull a report about what’s going on here, so we can figure out what’s going on.


Thanks for the prompt response.

My set-up details are -

1.3 (262) 64Bit which works - build 269 does not.
OSX 10.13
Mac Pro 2013 - 32Gb RAM
Music is held on an external hard drive - Thunderbolt 2 interface
I use iTunes to manage my library - 42870 tracks.
The iTunes XML and all associated files are on the external hard drive, which is the directory Roon is configured to watch.

As I exclusively use iTunes playlists when I’m using Roon, this problem prevents me from using Roon, which is why I rolled back. I did see the advice not to, but …

I’ve re-updated to 269, and the problem is back.
I restarted Roon at just before 17:03. The progress indicator at the top showed that Roon was scanning for changes (I Assume), and at just after 17:03 the playlists flashed on the screen and disappeared. I can reproduce this behaviour by re-starting Roon and setting off the scan, or by doing a Force rescan from the storage settings screen

Thanks for the follow up @Steve_Catterall, the insight is appreciated!

Now that you are back on build269 and we have your setup information/timestamps we can proceed with taking a closer look into this behavior for you.

Once my report has been updated by our tech team I will be sure to reach out to you immediately with their thoughts/findings. Your patience is appreciated!


Hi @Steve_Catterall ----- A few more data gathering questions, before I pass my report over. Please see below, thanks!

  • In regard to the content making up the missing iTunes playlists. Are any of these playlists made from an entire album by a single artists, or are they all a mix of different tracks from varying albums?

  • To verify. The content that makes up these missing playlists, they are still available in Roon, correct?


No, they are all various track playlists.
There are some static playlists and some smart playlists.
They are all made from tracks in my iTunes library, which all appear to be in Roon.

They were all picked up fine in the previous build.

Just another data point. I am experiencing the same thing after updating to build 269. I have Mac OS 10.13 (with the supplemental update), a Mac Pro late 2016. This has worked since early August when I started using Roon.

Edit: That’s weird. Without me doing anything – or at least nothing of which I am aware – my iTunes playlists suddenly appeared. It took about 10 minutes for them to show up.

Hi @JVS ---- Thank you for chiming in and sharing your observations with us. Having additional feedback/insight is always appreciated!

Moving forward, I wanted to touch base and see how things were holding based on your latest “edit” are the playlists still available? How about after a reboot?


@Eric My playlists are still available the next day. I hardly ever reboot my Mac and haven’t rebooted since the playlists appeared. But everything seems back to normal. I have no explanation for their short disappearance, but it’s okay now.


I just experienced the same problem. I updated Roon (build 269) this morning on all devices (Core, Bridge) and my iTunes playlists are no longer there (‘You have no playlists, please create one’).

Support have solved my problem.

I had more than one Library xml file in the music directory Roon was scanning. Both iTunes libraries but with slightly different names. One was an old copy. I deleted that, restarted Roon and my iTunes playlists were back

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Thanks for heads up @Steve_Catterall

I checked accordingly and fixed it. It appears I had an old .xml file lurking around from over 6 months ago. Strangely it was not causing trouble till today. Anyway, seems to be fixed now thanks.