Build 298 and Devialet

Well done guys I can now use both Pros at the same time, question is how to group them, is this possible @support

Sadly it did not fix the Transport in Use error.

And sounds more Sharp

@Dannythered and @Aaron_Garrett ----- Thank you for the feedback after updating to build 298, the insight is always appreciated!

Moving forward, would you kindly verify for me what firmware version is running on the Devialet gear you are currently implementing in your setups.


I’m using the latest Beta. Put the problem has been there through all versions.

Version: 2.1.0 + Firmware 12.1.2

Is there anyway I can link the two Pros as one zone or is this something that is waiting for RAAT with Devialet?

The latest build made the high frequency range very bright. Way too bright.

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I’m also experiencing this error every now and then. I’m using the latest Devialet beta10 fw, and the latest Roon build on Windows 10.

Here is a copy-paste from Roon Server logs:
01/24 20:48:42 Info: [Devialet] [zoneplayer] Open result (Queueing): Result[Status=Success]
01/24 20:48:42 Trace: [prebuffer] ready 326400/960000 (34%) @ 399/472 sec
01/24 20:48:42 Trace: [prebuffer] ready 326400/960000 (34%) @ 0/385 sec
01/24 20:48:44 Trace: [devialet] device in use (feedback timeout)
01/24 20:48:44 Trace: [devialet] releasing feedback socket
01/24 20:48:44 Trace: [devialet] ==> success
01/24 20:48:44 Warn: Track Stopped Due to DeviceInUse
01/24 20:48:44 Info: [zone Devialet] OnPlayFeedback StoppedLostEndpoint
01/24 20:48:44 Trace: [zone Devialet] Suspend
01/24 20:48:44 Info: [zone Devialet] OnPlayFeedback Stopped
01/24 20:48:44 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer -> stream] All streams were disposed
01/24 20:48:44 Info: [audio/env] [zoneplayer] All streams were disposed

Works good, but to much brightness in the sound stage with this build. The build bevor was perfect!

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Yup, exactly – grouping isn’t currently possible with AIR.