Build 334: Connection to Roon Ready devices has been unstable

There is something wrong with Build 334 it seems. Ever since this update my connection to Roon Ready devices has been unstable. I see several threads in the Support section similar to mine: connection issues in previously stable systems all referencing Build 334. My system was rock solid before this software update, and now it does not work to Sonore or Elac Roon Ready endpoints. I have support from Sonore, Roon and Elac looking into this, and so far all the hardware and my network are functioning properly.

When I was in the Navy I was taught basic troubleshooting begins with “what was changed” in a system. The only ting that was changed was the Build 334 update. Perhaps this is where Roon should begin looking?

Please let me know how I can help, as I am very frustrated at the moment.

What else changed? I did the 334 update and all my endpoints work perfectly just as they did before the update. I have a big variety of endpoints too so my suggestion is to look elsewhere. Otherwise there would be a ton of posts on this.

Nothing, absolutely nothing else changed. There are quite a few posts with similar issues on the Support forum. I am not complaining, mind you, just asking Roon to look into this as a possible issue.

Hello @David_Yohn,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing connection issues, if you want we can certainly take a look at what could be going wrong. Can you please let me know your setup details by following this link as a guide:

What I have noticed the most since we have updated to Build 334 is user’s firewalls not properly allowing Roon to communicate, such as Mac systems that have blocked previously allowed Roon connections. Is this the case for you by any chance?

How exactly is the system unstable in your case? Do you experience music randomly stopping? Does the core lose connection to the endpoints? All of this information will be helpful in determining where the issue lies. Please let me know when possible and we’ll be glad to assist.


@noris , thank you for the reply. I am working with Dylan Caudill in Roon support on my issue, the thread is here:

My intent in posting about this in the Software forum is to raise awareness and generate additional investigation. If you would like to review the thread above and tie off with Dylan that might save time. Please PM me if you would like additional information not in the Support thread linked above.

Thank you for your time and interest.


I’m closing this thread since you seem to be on your way to troubleshooting with Dylan.

If anyone wants to continue following this topic, the thread has been moved to: