Build 354 - Displays Feedback

You welcome! That´s great! Tasker is really powerfull, isn´t it? :wink: Cheers

For some reason on my Chromecast 2 the timed lyrics don’t transition smoothly (I don’t see them moving at all, just being replaced awkwardly), as if the Chromecast doesn’t have the processing power to pull it off.
On my Xiaomi Mi Box, which acts as a Chromecast, it’s as smooth as butter.

Have you not web browser extension as that offers this already albeit not as nice for browsing as the Roon UI. I agree though a proper room remote via a browser would be great.

Community extensions (and the whole extension ecosystem actually) aren’t the answer imo.

@hifi_swlon & @CrystalGipsy - I wonder what the use case for a browser based remote actually would be if there’s a native UI available for a platform. If not, it might be worth a try to run the apk in Chrome if Chrome is available on that platform (and one doesn’t mind using Chrome - no idea if Chromium would work too).

The metadata license for the Allmusic stuff most likely forbids to provide easy extraction so a browser based interface would always be a limited experience compared to the native UI.

Give credit where it’s due:

I just hooked up a second screen to my roon core and output to a web display. First time I actually used the web display for more than a few seconds on my desktop. WOW, it looks really good, and then the scrolling lyrics! Very cool!

HOWEVER, yes, there appears to be an image scaling problem with the artist image in the web display. It cuts off the top of the image quite often.

UPDATE: So I have this matrix HDMI switcher like they use in sports bars to show different games on different screens (my ideal man cave is a combo of the bridge of the starship Enterprise with the comfort of an Amsterdam coffeeshop). 4 screens hooked up to that.

So now…I have artist image/album image/lyrics up on 4 places in the man cave. And can still have the main Roon control on the touch screen monitor.

Browser display makes for really nice eye candy. Just need to stop chopping off the artist’s heads!

I want to home icon & full screen display, on iOS

add the following to the head tag


The non-Ultra Chromecasts have a rather weak CPU and GPU and we were unable to get the full version of the display code working without instability for release. We’re working on optimizations for a future release that should improve performance across all devices and get the Chromecast 1/2 much closer to everything else in terms of visual effects and performance, but it currently looks like we’ll still have to tone it down a little for these devices.


different approaches as for cropping images -you’ll never find right pic for both cases

The Roon Labs team are working on this cropping/positioning issue. See:

After some days with it … it becomes pretty boring.

I asked my self if it’s me being wrong or the old records stored I was going through the vinyls. Since they did it in a way I was attracted by the front cover art not the artist pics or the backcovers.
Since so wasting next to 75% of the display area to show a static artist pictures which remains unchanged if you for example enqueued all tites from Fleetwood Mac to listen to them in randomn order gets boring after the 3td title.
Since all what happens (besides lyrics) is a change in the lower section where microscopic alike dimensioned cover art does chance from time to time.

So … nice idea … .well implemented but I’d love an option to swap album art with artist art so that one get’s more from it.

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It is what it is, a great start and useful if you have a group of friends listening. They don’t have to keep asking who such and such an artist is, they can see for themselves. That will be my use case for this.


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Yea, I really like it. An ‘artist’ picture so I can see who am I listening to. And album art big enough to enjoy it. It’s not perfect yet, but I enjoy it every day.

As a beginning it is great, and looks nice. I would like to see a larger font on the album titles and play time, super tiny on a 75" display.The ability to display multiple pictures for artists or cdArt. Just having the ability to show the extra images in the album directory like it presently does would be great. But overall a really good beginning.

Totally agree with the most recent comments. Static, generic artist pics are needlessly occupying he majority of the screen space. Make the album covers and text bigger please. Much bigger.

For albums, it would be best to show album track number, i.e. 2 of 8, 3 of 8, and so on.


Also an Up Next to show the next track that will play.

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Agreed that it would be nice to have changing photos of the artist in the background. JRiver does it and it’s nice.

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Yes, for sure, that was the first thing I noticed that I’d like to see. My take is that Roon’s design aesthetic leans more to the minimalist side (to the extent possible given all it does) but not everyone has that sensibility. I’ve been suggesting for a while that more user configuration options to fit the minimalists and the dashboard lovers both would be nice.

JRiver, Foobar offer skins and other configuration options. I understand Roon would prefer to be very usable to those who are not computer techies. That is a tough balance.


Can you extend this feature to understand TV remote - for next, previous, stop/play? That would be fantastic!