Build 354 - Displays Feedback

I have to say, as one who recently had to go through the grief of clicking on ‘unfavorite’ in TIDAL over 5,000 times so that I could fix multiple versions of albums from showing up within Roon - and having my patience severely tested, this Displays feature is giving me nothing but love for Roon. I even went out and bought a second Chromecast so that I could take advantage of this on another television. Additionally, prior to this I did not know that users could change an artist photo, so I’ve been taking advantage of that by finding better pictures online, cropping them and changing the aspect ratio to widescreen, and voila, I’ve got an awesome display, via Displays.

If I could ask for one thing, and maybe it has been requested already, a little “Up Next” text featuring which song and artist are next in the queue when there are about 10-15 seconds left in a track would be pretty cool.

Regardless, thanks for this feature. It seems kind of trivial, but I can’t stress how much I love it.


Be careful when changing artist pictures as roon sometimes changes them back without you knowing…

Ugh…thanks for the heads up.

Hello there

Does it work on Apple TV 4K?

Not that I recall for appletv but a chrome cast is pretty cheap by comparison

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I see. Thanks for your answer.

One issue I’ve run across is that it the track title is too long it gets cut off. It would be nice if the track title would scroll if it’s too long to fit.

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This feature is the main reason why I taking another shot with Roon. Still in the 30-day money back period :wink:
I had used this Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0 but went back to LMS

Bigger album art, larger fonts, more metadata (year, track, album, etc) would be lovely and make the 10-ft experience better. Since one size does not fit all, a limited number of layout choices would be great. The media player kodi, for instance, has “view types” (e.g., list, icon, wall) that emphasize different aspects of the data.

And the option for COMPOSER info please


I’m a big fan of an “elegant solution” – such as a universal display format – IF it works universally.

But, in my case too, the 10-foot experience is lacking. Some fonts too small, plus the known artwork issues and a lot of wasted real estate.

AND NO COMPOSER TO BE SEEN. Having no composer to describe a classical piece is, quite literally, impossible.

“Queue up the Symphony, dear.”
“Which one, hon?”
“Why, the Symphony No. 4, dear.”
“Which one, hon?”
“Oh, dear, the one in D flat minor! You know, whozzzit wrote it.”
“Hon, you’re starting to get on my nerves.”
“Dear, he was Russian, I’m pretty sure.” …
“Hon, I want a divorce.”

I’m quite surprised that Roon didn’t immediately roll out at least a quick fix for the image scaling problem. It’'s really embarrassing to try to show off Roon to my friends when a substantial portion of the display is artists with their heads cut off. It’s been months. Perhaps the intelligent, permanent fix does take some time, but at least crop from the bottom!

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Ditto. Someone referred to these types of omissions as WTFs.

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Not unattractive.

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What Qobuz app is this?

Straight in the browser web player. :white_check_mark:

I started to use the display feature when my new LG OLED TV arrived earlier in january. It’s nice and everything works as it should. I think many of the ideas mentioned in this thread would be nice to have to make the display feature more attractive.

The only thing which I found out is that the content is “static” for my LG TV (eg. even if lyrics are moving the TV). This behaviour causes the screen saver of the TV to be turned on after a few minutes.

I don’t want to turn off the screen saver because I want to avoid burn-in issues on the new TV (this is also one of the reason it would make sense to change the content more frequently as some users suggested in their feedback).

I also don’t want to change the screen saver settings on the TV every time I want to use the display feature.

I don’t know if there is a way to make Roon resyncing with the display every minute or so even if the content doesn’t change.

Periodically I turn off LMS and start up roon hoping that the display has the possibility of showing cover art large enough to read, composer information, and year.

And then I turn roon off and go back to my homemade LMS display.