Build 360: AVG just zapped my Roon.exe

Did a search in About for new build, selected to download build.

Then got message from my AVG about checking a file…eventually came back from AVG as OK.

Closed down Roon and re-launched it

Windows shortcut can no longer from Roon,exe

Can I simply restore Roon.exe from my backup?

Thanks in advance

Restoring Roon.exe from a backuup did not work. Just get splash page then back to desktop


You can download a fresh install of Roon from the Roonlabs website. Then install it, but do not wipe your Roon database.

Hello @David_Boyd,

As Carl mentioned, reinstalling Roon will be your best course of action here, our website team has not yet updated the download link on our roonlabs site to the newest build but will do so tomorrow.

I will PM you a download link to build 360 shortly so that you can re-install the application until we update our site with the newest link.


And perhaps it is time to find a different anti-virus program?


Carl and Norris…worked like a charm. All good.

Could problem have been AVG holding/checking file? Would build install not wait until release by virus check?


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