Build 511 - All Sonos players gone

I have rebooted all of my network switches and router again, but I am no longer able to get Sonos streaming to work from Roon. I am able to AirPlay, and can use the Sonos players from the Sonos app, but not from Roon. So rebooting KONTOR no longer brings everything back.

Hi @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

Can I please request that you send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions? The best way to get them over would be via Dropbox / Google Drive but if you don’t have either service just let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.

PM sent.


Have you checked the logs?

Hi @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

Thanks for pinging me here.

I had escalate your report to loop in QA for this issue and I see that you case is still awaiting review by QA.

Once they have had a complete analysis I will have a better idea of what the logs indicate and I will follow up accordingly.

Thanks in advance for your patience here!

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Hello @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

I appreciate your patience while I had a chance to consult with QA regarding this behavior. The team has a couple of theories about what’s going on here and they’ve provided some feedback here that should help get you on the right track.

Ultimately, it appears that something is blocking multicast packets, which is what Roon uses to discover devices. Without multicast properly communicating over the entire network (which in this case is pretty complex) Roon will not be able to discover devices.

The team’s suggestions are as follows:

  • Ensure that all your switches have multicast enabled and all your Sonos Players are on the same VLAN.

  • Look into IGMP Snooping/Proxying settings on your networking gear, as this has sometimes helped with similar behavior.

  • Are you using any additional firewalls on the Core or Networking Gear? I would verify that Roon multicast traffic is configured to properly pass through there.

  • It looks like something on the Core or Network may be attempting to use your Sonos devices’ port 1900. This also can impact the flow of multicast packets and device discovery. Are you aware of any other apps trying to take control of port 1900 on the Core or Sonos gear, maybe Plex or Emby?

  • To eliminate one variable here, would it be possible to connect your Core + Endpoints to the unmanaged switch and have the unmanaged switch connected to the router (instead of routing it through the MAIN switch) as a test?

While doing some research into this issue, we have found a thread which might help, I would review this as well: Ubiquiti Multicast Issues.

If you are comfortable with tweaking the network, the above steps are definitely what we recommend. If this is a little outside of your comfort level, it might be good to involve an IT professional if they’ve helped set up your network.

They should be able to take the advice above and make sure that multicast is properly working. We’d also be happy to answer any questions they might have as well.

I will go through your suggestions.

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The only thing that reliably brings everything back is restarting all the Sonos-endpoints, and then restarting ROCK. But the next time I restart ROCK after that every SONOS-endpoint is gone again. (The airplay capable are still there.)

I will try to hook everything up on the unmanaged switch next.

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Moving ROCK to unmanged switch did not help.
All players are visible in Windows, But not in ROCK (roon)

Hi @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

Thanks for checking with an unmanaged switch. Just to confirm here, you have connected both ROCK and a few of the Sonos zones to this unmanaged switch? Or just ROCK?

I just spoke to the technical team regarding your case and we have activated some more advanced troubleshooting tools for your account. Can I please ask that you reboot ROCK and when this behavior next occurs:

  1. Note the exact local time + date and let me know

  2. Save a manual copy of your Roon logs by using method #2 from these instructions and send it to me via Dropbox / Google Drive?

Logs sent.

Any news?

Have you updated roon to the latest version?

Hi @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

I just checked and your case is currently pending review by QA + the devs. Once I have the completed report from them I will be sure to reach out once more. Do try the newest version of Roon if you haven’t yet, there were no changes specifically targeting this issue, but if the new build helps that would be interesting to know.

Yes, same problem persist.

All Sonos endpoints are available in Spotify.
And I can connect to them really fast, no problem .
Video of Spotify Connect

Hi @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

Thanks for the video and for testing out the new build.
As I mentioned in my last post:

I am still awaiting further feedback from QA/devs at this time. I appreciate your patience until I hear back!

Today at 15:20 after a ROCK restart all Sonos endpoints came back.

Hello @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

Since your previous message, has the issue re-occurred? I had a meeting with QA to discuss your case further and we did come up with one other suggestion here which might be helpful.

It would be interesting to know if other apps such as foobar also report the Sonos devices as missing. You can download Foobar for Mac from here and the Sonos zones should appear under Preferences -> Output like so:

If the issue re-occurs can you please provide the timestamp and check for the Sonos behavior in Foobar? Thank you.