Build 511 - Issues now with Yamaha RX-V673 Airplay

My Roon Rock, Running on a NUC8i3BEH with Ubuntu 19.10, updated to Build 511 this AM. Tried to play to my old Yamaha RX-V673 via Airplay, but the tracks will not play.

My USB port, stream to Phone, and PC Running roon are playing fine.

Any Suggestions?

Hi @Mark_Zelinsky,

Since updating have you tried rebooting the Core and the Yamaha? is there any change after doing so?

Sorry I should have mentioned a rebooted the NUC and power cycles reciever. No love…

Hi @Mark_Zelinsky,

Are you able to play to this receiver via iTunes from a PC on the same network?

great idea. Should have thought of that…

I used itunes to stream to airplay to the receiver and had connection problems. Decided to unplug receiver, and itunes/Airplay worked.

i then tried Roon, and had the issue again. Pulled plug again, and retried itunes/airplay, which worked. I then told ipad to play to itself, then tried directing Roon to that zone and it worked.

I guess there is some contention going on, crashing the Airplay in the Yamaha. Not sure why the Yamaha Airplay crashed to begin with, as I only run Roon to it… I haven’t used it for a week or so.

My apologies, as it the issue seemed to correlate with the Roon build update this AM…

Guess I will get an endpoint or streamer for this zone.

Hi @Mark_Zelinsky,

Thanks for the additional info, it sounds like there are some issues with the Yamaha if iTunes displays problematic behavior as well. I would check to make sure you’re on the latest firmware for the Yamaha and possibly try simplifying your network setup, our Networking Best Practices Guide provides some good suggestions on how to go about simplifying.

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