Build 521 is an unexpected and welcome surprise!

A few seriously useful changes. Love the album/artist links in Live Radio. Game changer for using LR more often. Search is definitely faster. And the genre buttons for New Releases is brilliant. I’ve never used that section, but will now. It is the way Qobuz (via Roon) works, but never occurred to me for Roon.


Absolutely, an unexpected, welcome and useful update!
The linkedable radio data is a great new feature, something I have wanted and wondered if/when Roon would pick this up. Futhermore, I agree with Pete.
Big thanks to the Roon Team! :+1:

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I really like the Genre buttons in New Releases, but can either of you (or anyone else!) give me an example of a Live Radio station where I can see the new feature please?

My favourites (Radio Paradise, BBC6, etc) don’t have linkable data unfortunately and I haven’t managed to see it so far.

Try one of the non-flac links, aac or mp3, for Radio Paradise.
Other than those, many non-flac or (unfortunately) non-BBC stations

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Cheers @BrianW I’ll give it a go!

Weeelĺlll… NRFY suggests… Justin Bieber! WTF? Still get 11 bloody country releases, the bleeping algorithm threw up Barry Manilow ferpetessake and there’s even 5 techno releases in there. Takes into account my listening habits?

My foot.

Would the Roon staff please be so kind as not to put stuff in their announcements that are simply not true?

That’s a nice new feature! But NRFY is still not working at all for my taste of music.
It should work like Spotify’s Release Radar.

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@Frank_Daman @Jan_Willem

Details like the ones I requested below will help us improve these recommendations – we appreciate the feedback.

Sent a screenshot some time ago.