Build 571 iPhone issue

iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 13.5.1: coming back to Roon, after the iPhone display turned off (and iPhone locked) this is what I get two times out of three:

to get it back working I must “force quit” (swipe up and “out”) the app and launch it anew :no_mouth:
no issue on iPad

Hello @pl_svn, thanks for your report! My apologies for the delay in response here, that was my clerical error. We have seen this issue happening for other users and are currently gathering data. Does this happen if you reinstall for this remote?

Also, please reply here with a timestamp (in your local time) next time you can reproduce the issue and I’ll enable diagnostics for your device and put together a report for our team. Thanks!

thanks @nuwriy : will try later this afternoon (GMT+1) and post timestamps here

ok… started a playback session at 15.30
so far I can’t reproduce the issue… obviously! :rofl:

though… no “now playing” icon beside current track
(it’s supposed to be there on iPhone too, right? :no_mouth: )

no way I can make it happen again today :no_mouth:

only difference is… today I’m in the same room (and connected to) the main TP-Link Deco M9+ router/mesh wi-fi unit, whilst the day I first saw the issue I was in a different room/floor and connected to another Deco M9+ unit (linked to main one via ethernet though)

Hey @pl_svn, no big deal! Whenever you can get the first issue reproduced let me know and we’ll pick this back up. In regard to your second issue, there are some known reasons why you might experience this behavior. Most commonly, make sure that the version of the track you’re playing isn’t different than the one you’re seeing on screen. The now playing copy of that track might have been from another version.

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