Build 571 Lost All Roon Bridge Settings

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 7Pro64 on AMD A10-7700K Radeon R7 / Roon 1.7 Build 571

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

All devices wired ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

3 CuBox-i2 Bridges

  1. SPDIF Toslink output
  2. iFi micro iDAC2 USB connected
  3. Mytek Brooklyn DAC USB connected

Description Of Issue

After B571 installed & restarted I went to “about” page. All 3 showed “updating” then came back showing version 1.7 B571 instead of version 1.0 B171:

When I went to the “audio” page all ports showed “enable”:

When I click on “enable” the zone is “unnamed”.
Do I have to re-create all 3 zones from scratch? Or is there a way to retrieve the settings?

Same for me on 2 RoPieee devices. Rather frustrating!

Hi @Milton_Krueger,

Do you by any chance have any backups of your Roon database?
Is the behavior the same if you try to restore a backup?

I’m having the same problem, server and bridge are both linux and the 571 update disabled all my zones and lost the settings. I restored a backup from a few days ago and it didn’t bring back my zones or DSP settings.

If I try to recreate my DSP settings I get “unexpected error communicating with audio device” and I have to disable DSP to get playback.

I tried restoring last night’s backup…no change.

Was also forced to re-enable my RopieeeXL endpoints after updating to 571.

Same for me with my Pi+Bridge endpoint… :confused:

Also needed to activate and rename my two Ropieee bridges.
After inputting their old names, I could easily select respective DSP settings, that I’d saved during creation.
Also had to group zones again and select respective icons.
Piece of cake, took about three minutes.

I do see on thinking about it, that it may get tiring for those unfortunate fortunate ones with full house installs and multiple DACs per endpoint…
It would have been much nicer and smarter, though, if all that happened automatically, since the information was there to begin with.

Same here - lost my RoPieee configuration…

I had to re-enable, rename and set up my DSP, etc. settings again following the update to Roon Bridge on my Rpi. No big deal for me, but I imagine it is for those with complex settings that haven’t saved as a preset (which I was guilty of - lesson learnt).

Similar, I lost two of three Ropieee configurations. Mine were simple setups so I just re-did them.

Just out of curiosity: Were all your lost RPi’s part of a group when the update happened?

Not in my case; have one RoPieee endpoint for headphones, had to re-enable and reconfigure DSP for it.

It might depend on the endpoint configuration. Raspberry pi with attached dac hat wasn’t impacted. A second one which uses hdmi for output has been reset/lost the settings.

One RPi with USB-DAC, one with HAT.

Hi All,

Thanks for the reports. I’ve mentioned this to the technical team and we’re looking into this issue, once we have an update we will let everyone know here. Thanks!

My endpoint was also unavailable after the update. I added it again in the zone, now it is okay.

Any idea what Roon changed in this release which could cause this? As there are other problems like clients no longer finding the Core etc.

I think I lost one RPi4 end-point and had to add it back. Wasn’t a big deal.

The two that were lost both had DSP setups, the other didn’t.