Build 571: selection with Shift key doesn't work in recent activity section

There is now Recent Activity section in Overview instead of recently added albums. Earlier I could press “view all” and select range of several albums with Shift key, but now it doesn’t work. Shift key works just like Cmd.

Does the keyboard keys function the same in the Menu - Library - Album view? I think that is the same thing we used to get with Recently Added View all. I didn’t try Shift key previously and not familiar with how it used to work.

In the Album Browser (the previous “view all” actually was the Album Browser, automatically sorted by most recently added date) still works the way @Alexander_Bashlaev describes. So indeed the new “Recent Activity” Browser works differently. Maybe the range selection will get added with an upcoming update.

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No, in album view I can use shift key as usual.

Looks like this may have been missed. I’ll tag @support and they will let the developers know.

Cheers, Greg

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This page is built differently from other screens in Roon, and unfortunately adding the ability to shift-click a range of albums isn’t a trivial change. We’ll consider adding this in a future release, but note that you can still select all albums on the page from the selection bar top-left.

We appreciate the feedback here, everyone!

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“Select all” result is 99 albums — it’s too much.

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