Build 610 Issues

The only machine that seems to have completed updated properly including the sleep timer is on my Mac Mini. The phone app works but has no sleep timer and on the phone the app crashes a lot. The iPad app stopped displaying any main album information, can’t search, and can’t select an album. Does not have a sleep timer. But can start and pause songs that were started from another device. I’ve closed and opened both apps and restarted them. I’ve stopped and started my core which is on a Synology NAS. I’ve waited eight hours to see if perhaps the updating takes a while. Still having issues.

The iPad app has not made its way through the App Store yet, it will be there soon I am sure, when it does your sleep timer should be available, it is there if you use a pc or Mac

That explains part of it. I assume this is true for the iPhone app as well. Just checked the iPad again and it is working normally again now. Not sure why it was not working last night.

Just updated my android phone, sleep timer is there looks easy

I’m glad for you. Us Apple fans are still waiting…

It’s there now.

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Perhaps for you, but not for me.

Both iPad and iPhone still don’t have the new features or an updated to download from the app store.

I have the update in the UK

Same here in Norway

Update avail. since a few hours in Germany :ok_hand:

Geez, seem the USA is trailing the entire world in just about everything that matters nowadays!

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Strange. I’m in the US and it’s been available in the App Store since this morning.

America Not First?? Cant be :joy::joy::joy:


Sorry, i am running 1.7 … but I didn’t find the Sleep Timer???
best Thomas

download the latest app version

I have several endpoints running Roon Bridge on DietPi that still haven’t updated to 610…has the Linux update been pushed out yet?

I don’t believe there was an update for RoonBridge.

Just got the update today. All is well in the universe!

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