Build 69 iPad app Drop Down List Problem

Just downloaded the latest version 57 of the iPad app and noticed that selecting Genres is still not working.

When I click on Genre when editing Artist or Album, the keyboard appears, but the drop down list of genres does not show up. I am able to type in Jazz, for example, and it will be selected, but that requires you to type each one in exactly.

Any help would be appreciated.

iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.0

Cheers, Greg

Hey there, Greg -

You’re right… Although we confirmed and fixed this issue earlier this week, the problem is still there in build 57. There is always a delay getting new releases pushed out through the App Store: from the time we submit our update it takes a week or in some cases longer before it’s publicly available. Rest assured that this issue will be resolved in the next iOS update. Thanks for your patience!

Is it possible to tell us whenever you push a new release to the App store, the original version did not update, I had to delete Roon and re-install from the App store to get the latest release. Is there any reason why there is no auto update working on iOS releases?

New iOS releases are published in the Software section. My iPad Mini 3 auto updated fine. Are updates on auto in your Settings/App and iTunes Stores ?

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Hi @jeremiah, I just downloaded the new iPad app version 69 and the problem is still persists. Please see my first post above.

Let me know if I maybe have a wrong setting on my iPad.

Cheers, Greg

I’ve edited the title to reflect the current version.

I’ll try and explain this better and hopefully someone using the app can see if they experience the same issue. Although this issue was supposed to be fixed, I’m still having difficulty. I installed the latest build 69 of the iPad app and noticed that selecting Genres is still not working.

When I click on the Genre box when editing Artist or Album, the keyboard appears, the dropdown list appears and I can type. However, I still am unable to select an item from the dropdown list. If I try and select a genre or scroll through the list, the keyboard disappears and so does the dropdown list.

Ideally, I would like to be able to select the add genre box, the keyboard would appear along with the dropdown list, I could then remove the keyboard by clicking the bottom right icon. I would like the dropdown list to remain and be able to scroll and then select the genre I want to add.

Any other iPad users having this issue?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

I can reproduce this on an iPad Mini 3 in Build 69 (Stable) downloaded from the App store. Thanks for checking it out.

@jeremiah, did the fix make it into Build 69 and is ineffective or is it still in the pipeline ? Would a new ticket help ?

Thanks for checking this out Andy.

I’m really looking forward to editing albums on the iPad while listening to music.

Cheers, Greg

Yeah I’m able to reproduce as well – I’m not sure what went wrong. We need to reopen this. Another ticket would be great, @andybob, thanks.