Build 69 Roon server issue - "rescanning"

After updating to the latest build, it seems the “rescanning” process is having major issues on my machine.

I am running roon server on a Mac mini with 8 gb ram, library is about 285,000 tracks. I have room remote on another Mac mini and an iPad Air.

It’s been 24 hours since I updated and when I open roon remote on either the mini or the air, I get one of three screens: the roon logo spinning, an empty library, or the last page I went to before updating with the progress wheel showing up top. When I am able to get the latter, clicking the progress wheel shows that it is rescanning “1 of 224693 tracks”, then it immediately goes back to the “searching for a library” screen.

How long should this rescanning be taking? Seems like very little progress is happening. Shouldn’t it be staying on the screen where I can see the progress? I feel like the process is causing the remotes to disconnect from the server, if not causing the server to crash altogether…

I finally had roon working MOST of the time, so I’m finding this pretty frustrating.

+1 I opened a Roon client on one of my PCs and was prompted to upgrade the software. I clicked on the update button and after going through the process now all of my clients are hung. Server appears to be running on my Win 12 machine but it’s hard to tell since I can’t access it.

The same here. I then did a clean install (Build 69, Mac Mini 2011, 8GB, SSD system drive, Thunderbolt WD 6TB hard drive) and now the system keeps quitting.

Hey guys – sorry for trouble and for the slow response here. Unless I just missed it completely, I think this thread must have been somewhere other than the Support section.

@Bridgeless @ksalno @HBz – I think we probably need to have a look at logs from all three of you, so stand by for details via PM.

Hi Mike,

I have uploaded the logs dir:

Version Roon: 1.1 (build 69)
Mac Mini, mid 2011, 8GB of RAM

Worked fine until the update to build 69.

Just responded to you via PM @HBz – take a look and let me know how it goes.

I’ve removed the tracks mentioned, but that didn’t solve it. I checked the most recent log and there was mention of a large number of other tracks that gave problems. I will remove these during the weekend and try again.
But I am puzzled a bit: before the update to build 69 I had no problems. Furthermore I can use the same collection in iTunes, Audirvana 2+, JRiver Mediacenter 21, Pure Music, Bluesound node (1st and 2nd gen), Volumio on RPi and UDOO Quad and RuneAudio on RPi.

Hi @HBz – did you have a chance to send us the files? It’s hard to know what’s going on here until we get a look at them, but it’s going to be one of two causes:

  • The files are corrupt in some way, and Roon should be skipping them
  • The files are ok, but something unexpected about them is causing stability issues for Roon

In either case, we’ll probably be able to do better here once we look at the files, so if you haven’t sent them over yet, please do!

I’ll send them this weekend.

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The music files are on their way. Filename:

Got it – I can reproduce this issue, so the file is with our developers now.

By the way, it looks like the issue is only with 01 Le métèque.m4a. The other 3 files are stable for me.

@mike it appears I have encountered another corrupt file, my rescan made a lot of progress but I’m now having the same symptoms as before.

I went ahead and uploaded logs and sent you a pm as well. If you guys can find the guilty file I’ll remove it.

Hello @Bridgeless, please check your PM.


Build 70 did solve the issue. you guys are good (and QUICK!)

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