Build 70 reimporting tracks

Since the upgrade to build 70, some strange behavior is found. Now everytime I force-rescan the music folder, 46000 tracks shrink down gradually to a handful of tracks, and then they are all re-imported. The reimport process takes terribly long, and it takes several hours. I have been reproducing the problem consistently each time I click force rescan, which is going on right now.
Build 69 was robust with some minor glitches. Now Build 70 has become erratic, unpredictable and unreliable. I call for urgent attention @mike and this issue must be fixed immediately.

Also I found that the rescan reset some of the changes in my manual edits. A few album artwork disappeared or changed again, and some artist names that I modified went back to the Roon default. It’s not as bad as the last time (build 69), but it’s still there and is annoying.

I am also having problems with the upload of folders. Roon never finishes to scan and upload. At the same time, I am not being able to delete or disable previous folders/libraries. I am using Roon Server in my Mac Mini and remote control in my MacBook pro.

@mike, FYI, it appears that my problem happens only when I force rescan. Turn off and restart Roon rescans through the folder normally and picks up the newly added albums. Therefore, my problem seems to be limited to the force rescan function. Any clues?

Hi @hgim82 – sorry for the trouble here. I’m going to follow up our private messages from last week.

It sounds like something about your setup is causing issues that other’s aren’t experiencing – my guess is that this is due to your storage setup (which is somewhat unique) and it’s possible we have a bug here. We’re going to do some testing, and I’ll get some more details from you via PM.

@ridom – do these issues persist if you restart RoonServer?

Also @hgim82, I really do appreciate how frustrating this is, and while I’m confident we can get this worked out, we take every issue seriously, and adding extra urgency to the thread title isn’t necessary. I’m going to edit the subject of this thread (and the Community Guidelines) to reflect that.

@mike Understood. In response to your comment, my setup didn’t change and I didn’t have any such problems until Build 69, so whatever you did between 69 and 70 created the problem. Basically my HD storage works just like any NAS drive, except that it is accessed through the local campus network: /Volumes/DiskName/Directory/…

The problem persists after restart. It seems fine if I let the Roon automatically rescan upon restart, but any force rescan action starts the problem each time.

I will await your PM to follow up.

Yes, I can’t remove folders, and there were files not imported, even after several restarts of both the server and the remote

Yesterday I was rescanning several times and the number of files imported grew up with each rescan until finally achieved the actual number. However, I do not think that this has to be the method for importing files.
Besides, every time I open Roon remote from my MacBook pro I need to restart the mac mini that hosts the Roon server for the program to recognize it. Too many bugs for a supposed upgrade.

Thanks for the feedback @ridom. We’ve been thrilled with how stable our last few releases have been for most members, and I’m sorry that hasn’t been the case for you and a few others.

We’re investigating a few other similar cases, so we should have a better sense of what’s going on soon. If you’re still having issues with scanning or importing, let me know and we’ll get some logs from you as well.

Sorry again for trouble!

@mike, my original problem HAS NOT been resolved as of Build 94. I just encountered the same problem and now the force rescan is re-adding my entire library of 41000 songs very slowly. THe problem is that the recent addition information is all lost so I can’t easily locate those recent acquisitions from the Overview display. Frustrating.

An update: It’s been a nearly 3 hours to rescan the library (almost done), but luckily this time the data for added dates seem to be preserved. So no trouble other than being slow. Still the bizarre behavior of counting down to zero tracks and add them all back pertains. To avoid this problem, I have to just turn off Roon and restart. Then it properly rescans the new additions only. The “Force Rescan” algorithm still has a bug! Please fix it asap.

@mike, I have to report that the problem has not been resolved as of Build 102. The only difference now is that the strange behavior does not happen everytime. Once in a while, when I click “Force Rescan” after adding a few new albums, Roon starts to remove some existing tracks (I haven’t let it continue so I’m not sure if the entire tracks will be removed). Once this happens, I immediately quit Roon and restart, then it will retrieve those deleted tracks back through the complete rescan.

My question is: what exactly is the difference program-wise between the force rescan and rescan upon restart? If you compare the program line-by-line between the two, you should be able to identify the error. This is not a major problem and I can manage it (i.e. restart everytime new music is added), but it still shouldn’t happen and is very annoying.

Thanks for following up @hgim82 – can you read over the thread here and just confirm that what you’re seeing is more like the first scenario I laid out? Roon should be treating these cases as a quick scan for changes, not a full reimport (even though our file tracking now preserves edits and import dates even in these erroneous re-import situations.

If you are seeing a full reimport @vova and I may want to grab some logs, as we’re actively working on this class of issues for our 1.2 release. It would be great if you could give us a full rundown on your setup, network, and NAS settings too. Thanks!

Not sure what “first scenario” you’re referring to, but again, the problem is described as follows:

After adding new music, “Force Rescan” under the settings starts deleting existing tracks. Usually it takes a while to delete most, if not all, of my 49,000+ existing tracks, then it takes even longer to rescan them all back. Since some recent upgrades, this process does not lose the import date information, so all albums can be organized in the correct order of date imported (if I choose to display that way). This does not happen if I completely restart Roon, then the automatic rescan does not delete tracks and properly adds newly imported tracks.

IMO, the problem can fixed if the “Force Rescan” operation is made to be exactly identical to the operation of rescan upon restart. That was my suggestion in the earlier post.

BTW, Roon doesn’t seem to add new tracks without my active imports. To test it out, I have waited many hours after new music was added to the watch folders but nothing happens overnight.

My setup:
Core Machine
Mac Mini 2012, 16GB RAM
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Roon 1.1 Build 102

MacPro 2013, 16GB RAM
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Roon 1.1 Build 102

Music is stored in a Thunderbolt HD connected to MacPro. The core machine accesses this through the internal campus network. I’m not sure about the technical details of mouting a network drive, but from the core machine, I can read the music as /Volumes/(HD Name)/My Music/… etc. So I don’t see anything special here.

I do most of the metadata edits on Remote, as the core machine is headless. My understanding is that all metadata edits are saved on the core machine, but maybe this is where things go wrong…?

Sorry I forgot to add the link :expressionless: It should’ve read:

My case is different as the hard disk has been turned on always. Also, the deletion of existing files NEVER happens with restarting Roon. It only happens while Roon remains on, adding new music to a watch folder, and go to Settings -> Storage -> Force Rescan of the watch folder.

@mike, Just curious: does it matter if I execute the import/rescan on the Remote machine? Again, my understanding is it shouldn’t matter, but correct me if that’s not the case.

No, this all happens on the Core machine anyway.

To be clear, you’re seeing what looks like deletion and re-adding of content right, meaning it comes back one album at a time as opposed to all at once, correct?

Yes, it is deletion of tracks one by one, not all at once, meaning that tracks are deleted while being scanned.