Build 763 Up and Running (Build 764 is Now Current)

Smooth install on Roon Nucleus and Dell XPS 15 (Windows 10). Music playing and end-points are there.

Thanks Roon.


iPad Mini 4 and iPhone 11 Pro Max still working OK on previous build 756 as is Nexus 7. Will update when available.

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Where is the changelog ?

Here: Roon 1.8 (Build 763) is Live!

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A crying shame that when they fixed this they could not have made shuffle for just albums too, as we have been requesting for a very long time!!

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Thanks for listening.
Looking forward to the next release(s), my eyes thank you in advance


MQA icon gone in latest version in ”album view”

Still jumping back to first page in „Albums“ when having filters applied. Very disappointing!

Quick smooth core upgrade, and running fine (all zones present and accounted for, playing fine as expected) for me.

However, I can’t see the new “show star ratings” on the settings/general/album display yet. Do I need my iOS app to update also? If so, it hasn’t hit the App Store - at least not for me.

from the release notes:
We’ve now added the ability to toggle stars as part of the album info, and we’ve also made sure that this information is displayed more consistently, including on the TIDAL and Qobuz pages. You can enable star ratings from the General tab of Settings, under “Customize Album Display”.
did you check that?

no need for IOS update.
works fine for me (iPad Air 2)


You have to enable it in general settings.

Android and iOS versions are coming soon. From the release notes:

Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available soon. There is no update for Roon Bridge at this time.

Can’t you just create a Tag for all your albums?

Android version already hlt about 4 hours ago and seems ok to myself although I only use a bare minimum of functions tbh

Strangely it is not showing up for me (and core is updated and rebooted and showing up as updated). The only line cut off in the below is dynamic range. Pretty sure I’m looking in the right place (see below), but let me know if I’m missing! Thanks.

I am pretty sure it will show up once your remote is updated.

Same here. Core is updated but waiting for the Android app to update.

Sorry but I wad wrong. Your remote will need to have the update in order to be able to alter that setting.
I changed it on my PC.

Thanks Dirk!

First thing you should do after installing any update is go to Settings and adjust your settings. Much of what you aren’t seeing is there if you select it. And yes, some may need the IOS or Android app update first.

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Does not show on Android remote of which mine updated a few hours ago?
Not something I’m bothered about but just as FYI I do not see it under the option list.