Build 764 - Windows 10 AND Samsung Galaxy Tab A android 10 - VIEW MORE not working with FOCUS

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WINDOWS 10 64 - Build 764

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VIEW MORE not working in FOCUS


as you can see : there is no VIEW MORE for COMPOSERS.
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Here’s a screenshot of android 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab A : same problem :frowning_face:

I have the same problem on some screens.

ALso when ipad is in protrait mode the View More line is either not shown or cut in half.
In portrait mode for the category titles ( type fotrmat source …etc) the text wraps automatically however the title and pin logo of one column overlaps on the other

@support I have the latest build 764

VIEW MORE is a problem with COMPOSERS. In other columns, there are 5 items before VIEW MORE.
As you can see, there are only FOUR composers in the list : Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and Liszt.
Some have long names : Beethoven, Ludwig van; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.
And I have edited composers to add birth and death dates : (1770-1827) for example.
This does not help :grinning: !
That’s why there is no “VIEW MORE” on my screen for composers.
So I have some suggestions to make :

  • Instead of 5 items, only THREE for composers,
  • a wider column for composers,
  • or “VIEW MORE” on the first line to be sure it is shown :grinning: .
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I just noticed that there are only THREE items in the “ENSEMBLES” column.
So it could be possible for COMPOSERS as I have suggested :smiley:
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Hi @Sylvain_RENARD

This should be resolved in the latest update, but if you’re still seeing any issues please let us know!

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