Build 778 Album links hanging Roon after any Display Settings changed

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Rock/Windows10 Remote Surface Laptop Pro

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@suport major bug in Build 778 I can make the Windows 10 remote crash with a couple of clicks, this is repeatable everytime I do it.

Goto an album recently added on hy home page, then click on the Artist name, hangs instantly. This is happening for most of the albums in this section but not all. Its happening all the time on Lana Del Rey , Chemtrails over the Country club. Does the same from album view as well. Infact it’s any Lana Del Ray album makes it hang from any view. It doesnt happen on my phone so this seems windows related for some odd reason.

Uploaded logs here!AgHQUEVFVR_n2fQIeJYCuq-4dRfllQ?e=MCU4Pr

heres waht happens

@support any assistance here I can’t use windows to go to artist pages it’s hanging now on anything new I add to.

I just uninstalled the app completely, deleted the Roon folder. Then reinstalled it. It works until I changed the show more covers to on, then it hung again clicking on the artist link. Now it won’t even start up as its stuck in a loop at the last page and tried to load it each time and gets stuck again. This is not very good at all.

Ok so narrowed this down, to changing any display setting whatsoever causes this behviour. Using roons uninstaller I remove all settings, start Roon works, change option to do with display settings such as labels, or the theme then the crashing behaviour happens. Doesnt matter what driver I use it does the same.

Hi @CrystalGipsy

Thanks for reaching out with this report! We’ve looked into this on our end and haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, and it doesn’t appear to be something that most customers are seeing.

Do you have any other Roon remotes? Do you see the same issue with those remotes if so?

I looked at the logs you’ve shared with us, but I think in this case we’ll want to take a look at the logs from your remote device (i.e. Roon logs not RoonServer). Would you please reproduce this once more and, after it occurs, send us over those logs?


Hi @dylan I already stated this is just windows on Surface Pro Laptop. Since 1.8 it’s been temperamental since latest build unusable.

logs for windows remote!AgHQUEVFVR_n2fQrad2oWRLDy6X8WQ?e=j0fCKG

Do you modify your themes or just use them standard?

Standard themes. Nothings changes in anything. It workes flawlessly on 1.7 but 1.8 is just unstable and this build unusable.

Heres a snippet from the local logs on the windows box.

03/25 17:28:27 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget main(263) took 1947453ms to OnMeasure
03/25 17:28:27 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget main_size_big(254) > hpanel(258) > stackpanel(260) took 1947453ms to OnMeasure
03/25 17:28:27 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget main_size_big(254) > hpanel(258) took 1947453ms to OnMeasure
03/25 17:28:27 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget main_size_big(254) took 1947453ms to OnMeasure
03/25 17:28:27 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget win_main(248) took 1947453ms to OnMeasure

03/25 17:28:28 Trace: [brokerclient] Connection dropped: Roon Music (25e612ca-a515-4638-90e7-26b715971e80) @
03/25 17:28:29 Trace: [push] restarting connection (Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.)
03/25 17:28:29 Trace: [brokerclient] connecting to Roon Music (25e612ca-a515-4638-90e7-26b715971e80) @ (attempt 1/6)
03/25 17:28:29 Trace: [push] retrying connection in 1858ms
03/25 17:28:29 Debug: [brokerclient] auth with Roon Music (25e612ca-a515-4638-90e7-26b715971e80): Attempting to authenticate with no PIN

Hi @dylan has anyone had chance to review the new logs I gave?

@support any movement on this I just can’t use my windows remote properly at all.

Hi @CrystalGipsy

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

I just wanted to let you know that our QA team is looking into this and we’ll follow up ASAP.

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Hi @dylan
thanks for the update. I just updated to latest build and this is better overall but I can make it hang if my display is not set to the recommended scaling that Windows recommends on the Surface Laptop 3 to be 150% I find this too big so have always had it at 125% it seems changing this causes it to hang as described, set at 150% it works fine it seems.

@support any more on this, Roon continues to hang when going to artist pages for certain artists when I have scaling set at anything other 150% which is the surface default but it too damned big. This seems very odd behaviour as its not for all artists. Lana Del Rey seems to cause it all the time other artists do not. Why would scaling affect this at all.? I have tired the windows drivers for the surface and latest Intel dirves both cause the sane thing.

Apologies for the lack of response here, @CrystalGipsy.

I checked with the team after seeing your update, and they haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on their end. We’re hoping you can provide a couple more examples of this happening and that you can let us know:

  • The time it occurs
  • The artist you’re trying to open

We’ll run some more diagnostics and hopefully get enough information to be able to reproduce and get a ticket in. Thanks!

Hi @dylan I have given an example of Lana Del Rey as the artist it happen on every time above. If the display settings in Windows is set to 125% my preferred setting on the Surface 3 laptop then anytime I click on the Artist page link from any other page it might appear on it hangs Roon. First I get the spinning icon on the cursor and it doesn’t load. Then if clock on back in the Roon UI the screen goes white like image in my opening post. It won’t return from this state unless I force quit and restart where it will happen again doing the same thing.

I’ll use a few more Artists and give you a time it happens if you need this from the logs.

Ok. 7.45 GMT set Display to 125% started Roon clicked on first album in my recently added by Erika de Casier. Once album page up clicked on the Artist link. Roon hangs as described. Force close Roon.

Set Display back to 150% do the same it works no hangs.

Logs can be downloaded here!AgHQUEVFVR_n2og7WW5fEva-7-FLyQ?e=wK6MNb

Thank you, @CrystalGipsy — Passing this to the QA team and we’ll be in touch as soon as we have more info on this.

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Thank you hope you manage to get to the bottom of this annoying bug.

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