Build 8 Fatal Error at launch

I was running Roon (I think it was build 3) and the program automatically updated itself. I closed it and reopened it and now I get this error:
“File not found: ui.broox – we searched: /Applications/”

Running on a Mac - Yosemite.

Any help would be appreciated.



It sounds like you downloaded build #8, I would go into the Roon application, choose About Roon, from the Roon menu to the right of the Apple icon, this will check and should update you to build 9 which most likely will correct the issue you are seeing.

Just a comment from an end user running Roon Build 9, Mac and Yosemite.

I did download ver 8 (well, the program did it for me). Now Roon will not start. I get the above mentioned error at launch, then the program closes.

Build 9 fixed the problem - Thank you !!