Build 8 Socking up whole Mac [Solved, disk was bad]

Guys, sorry to say that this new version of Roon (1.0 build 8 stable) seems to have serious problems - as it starts up, it locks up most functionality of the Mac (a 27" iMac here) for multiple minutes - and goes “not responding” in activity monitor. I had it auto starting when I rebooted the Mac and it has taken me two hours to get nowhere, since you can hardly use the finder or anything else while it is in this state, unless you get a lucky moment of respite. The whole UI in Roon is locked up - this is on the server. Also, it gets no further than showing 1 albums 1 tracks 1 artists 1 lyrics found 2 reviews and bios and 3 images loaded for many minutes. Please help. I want to love this product and I can’t - it’s actually now completely non-functional. Thanks in advance! And I don’t think I’ll be able to ask it to send logs because the UI is locked up every time I start it.

weird… we’ve been using this build in home and with about 100 users in beta since last Tuesday.

You wouldn’t have happened to upgrade chrome last night, did you? It was causing a few people i know endless troubles, with issues like the one you are describing.

@danny only if it auto-updated…but in fact I’m not sure chrome is even installed on that Mac (I can’t tell as Finder etc are all locked up). It’s possible it’s some external cause, but the only process showing “not responding” in Activity Monitor is Roon. Everything else is silently locked up most of the time (including Activity Monitor itself!)

you try rebooting?

@danny - yes, 3 times over the last 3 hours. I’ve finally managed to force-quit Roon after about an hour - and everything else on the Mac has started working fine. This version does seem to have a serious problem - I’m giving up now as I have to get some sleep but is there some way of temporarily trying the old version (remember DIAG REMAPDLL? :slight_smile: ) - Unfortunately this version seems completely broken for my particular configuration - and worryingly in that it locks up the whole machine for multiple minutes on end, then lets other things process for a couple of seconds, then locks up again, continually - config is a simple 27" iMac with a couple of airplay devices, an smb mount and a permanently mounted remote drive from an Apple Time Machine… in fact you should have the config from the previous logs I’ve sent you. Can I manually send you any logs it created (tomorrow!), because I cannot do it from inside Roon.

Just a hunch, but could the freezing be due to your startup disk being full? I know that large log file bug has probably been fixed in this release but I had to ask given the symptoms…

I posted in the support category - I haven’t been able to get Roon to work since this update. I don’t think anything else has changed on the Mac. The UI is locked up permanently, but it also seems to cause Finder to stop being responsive for multiple minutes at a time (I don’t THINK it is the other way round!). This is on a 27" iMac running the server. I wonder if it is anything to do with not being able to find the shares? Unfortunately I can’t send you any logs as the UI is locked up (unless you have a command line or can pull them remotely). By the way - Roon showed “not responding” with about 20-30 threads for about half an hour in Activity Monitor, then started responding and is showing 80 threads - but they seem to be doing nothing, and it feels like Roon has also locked up Activity Monitor. Apologies if this turns out to be the iMac being hosed, but I can’t think of anything else changing on it. Thanks.

Thanks @soundserge - I did wonder that too but it has 25GB free

25Gb free is a very full system disk on an iMac.

Free space is reported oddly under HFS+ and I’ve seen circumstances where Mac’s with large’ish system disks (500Gb +) just come to a compete halt (similar symptoms to you) when disk space drops below 10%. Especially if you have something trying to create a larger’ish file (100Mb+).


Thanks @Rik - I never have more than about 25 GB free :slight_smile: … anyway, every other app works perfectly. The nice folks at Roon have my logs now so hopefully they can get an idea what’s going on.

Great I’m sure they will sort it.

As an aside that is not much free space - are you sure there is nothing you can delete :slight_smile:

FYI turns out I’m having disk errors - Roon REALLY doesn’t like those, understandably. I’ve moved to another machine, where the lock ups don’t occur, although I’m finding build 8 does crash.

Build 9 should suit you much better @pcwilliams :smile:

Excellent. (That you’re sorted, not that you had disk errors). Apple really should have moved from HFS+ to ZFS years ago.


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