Build 88 - Sporadically occuring clicks


After updating Roon the other day i noticed short clicks/distortions during playback. They don’t occur always at the same positions in a track, so they are not reproduce-able. They happen every 20 sec on average.

I didn’t change my system, nor did i change the Roon setup (no HQP), just the update. It doesn’t’ matter if i play music from the NAS or Tidal HiFi. Tested the same Tracks with foobar2000, no clicks, everything is fine.

My system:
Windows 10 (up to date)
Roon (with Tidal HiFi)
Exclusive Mode
current driver for DAC
Musical Fidelity MX-DAC, attached by USB

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hey @pumpe19 – can you try enabling Event Driven Mode and let me know if you’re hearing any change? If not, we’ll take another look.


Hi @mike.

event Driven Mode was activated already.
However, the above mentioned problem has gone away. No idea why… Fingers crossed it stays that way.
Thanks anyway.