Build 882: no more remote connections or audio devices

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 as Core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Windows 10 as remote enpoint

Both PCs are powerfull ones (gaming, HTPCs).

Connected Audio Devices

PinkFaun 7.1 device (and others)

Number of Tracks in Library

Not relevant here I guess, but a lot.

Description of Issue

It took me a full week end to conclude with the followings and still have NO solution, so please take some time to consider my case.
The pity is that I invited some friend to show him how happy I was with Roon and I could show him nothing !!

Since my upgrade to 882 Saturday 18/12 morning, I cannot use my 8 channel device on my existing set up
(it seems that some timeout was reduced (or some operation is taking a bit longer causing internal expiration of a timeout) to cause the error, but this is just a guess)

To overcome this, I started a new image on my Windows 10 endpoint: in that case, on the endpoint I only see the audio devices of the Core (other PC). I don’t see local devices. SO I can’t set up ANY new audio device on my fresh install as endpoint.
I switched Core to the new endpoint : there it works … BUT no other device can connect to the new core, including the old core (by switching them). So my other 4 Roon devices are silent (“Accecpt connections” is set to yes, and even when prviding the IP address clients do not see the new Core)

To #support → Could you provide me with the 2 previous builds (880 and 850 if I remember well) installation files so that I can Roll back this installation until you fix all the problems with 882 please?

Thank you

Hey @Yves_ADAM – we just released Build 884 which might help with this. Can you update your Roon Core and let me know if you’re back up and running?

Unfortunately it does not help. Indeed the release notes show no fix at the level of audio devices.

See the picture attached: from the endpoint, only the Core’s devices are visible.

When I switch the Windows endpoint to become the core, then:

I have been able to solve the connection between endpoints and Core by enabling firewall rules :

Nevertheless, only stereo devices are working: both my 7.1 devices are not working from Roon (though working from JRiver, Netflix, Qobuz and as Windows system device).

Hello @Yves_ADAM

We’re sorry to hear that you’re still having issues after installing Build 884. Part of the issue you experienced was due to cloning the initial Core machine. Upon doing so that machine is identifying itself to Roon as your other Core and only the outputs of that machine are then visible. We include some recommendations against using these methods in this article from our Help Center

Couple quick questions:

Please edit your initial post and include as much detail about your setup as possible, including your networking configuration and how your devices are connected to each other and your network. This information gives us a larger birds eye view of your Roon ecosystem and is really helpful.

Do you have any Roon backups from before the update when everything was working for you?

Have you tried doing a simple full reboot of the Core machine and router? Power Down, unplug the machine, wait a couple minutes, plug back in, power up and see if that helps?

I have written a document explaining this.
How can I upload it please?


Hello I sent the document by email as it contains several pages that fail to copy paste here (tried some days ago in an another post to support that never appear on the site).


Hey @Yves_ADAM,

We’ve looked up and down our and it doesn’t seem like we’ve received the document you’ve mentioned. However, copying the relevant information in a post on this thread is the best way to get the information to us. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Rebeka,

I have already tried by creating another support request: it took me an hour because my text is long and because your interface is not user friendly, all this to have not getting through. So I don’t really to repeat it that… for nothing.

I also tried to reply by email, but it does not work either. Please let me know how I can send you an attachment.

All I was asking until this version gets more stable, is a link to an earlier version of the installation of the software. It that really impossible?

Thank you in advance.



Hey @Yves_ADAM,

I am so sorry that sharing the details about the issue and the setup has proven to be this difficult.

PDF attachments can be sent via email. You don’t have to use our contact form to email us. Please, just use your email client, attach the document and email to

Even if it might seem like a good solution, downgrading is not supported. The reasons why are explained here:

Thank you Rebeka, I sent the information in PDF format via email as suggested.


Hey @Yves_ADAM,

Thanks for sending the email and attached PDF. We got them :nerd_face:

While I know you’ve used DIRAC before, could you please check to see if there is any difference if you disable Exclusive mode or enable Integer Mode? This article may also help:

We’re discussing your case within the team and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please, stay tuned :pray:

Hey @Yves_ADAM,

I have just sent you the email below, but, unfortunately it never made it to you, so I’m copying the essential parts here:

Hey Yves,

Thank you so much for your patience. I am sorry about the wait: part of it was that we returned to work on Monday, after the weekend, and the other part was that I wanted to consult with my colleagues before replying.

Our team has taken a close look at all the information you’ve shared and they were wondering: does playback work if you disable exclusive mode for the Dirac output in Roon?

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