Build 882 still a MESS

Build 882 still doing this:

Added an album that might not be in the database (MA Recordings “Sous Les Voutes Le Serpent”).

It does NOT show in new additions:

and it is incessantly trying to figure out what it is:

GUYS: This is new in 88*. It is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE to produce such a disaster release… And I am on 882 already.

Very disappointed.

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How many times am I going to get this message upon restart of the core???

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 09.25.11

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Well, if it is doing that on each restart of the Core, there’s clearly something else going on. You could request some help and provide details of your setup, or continue to feel hard done by. It’s your choice.


Excuse me?

My setup is in my profile. More importantly, IT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE, and my setup has never changed. Additionally, if you looked at my previous posts, you’d realize I kind of know what I am doing.


I am speaking out of frustration.

So, are you requesting help, or just venting? Because you posted in the Support category, I had assumed that you were requesting help - and in that case, your setup details should be given in the Support request template. The Support team don’t go looking at your profile to retrieve any setup details that may have been posted there.

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That’s fair.

mini 2012: i7 quad,16gb RAM, 250gb SSD (Roon db here), 4tb SSD over USB (Music here), macOS Catalina with all updates, machine only used for Roon (regular load is < 5%) > dCS Rossini DAC (over RAAT, everything connected over wired ethernet).

Like I said, I have not experienced these specific issues prior to build 88*.

Just now:

I have an identical setup with the exception of your DAC, yet my update proceeded without any issues other than a lengthy database rebuild.

I feel your pain but don’t think your setup is the culprit.

I’ve scheduled 2 daily backups stored in separate locations, also I clone my boot drive daily to an external USB.

Yes, I am sure that my setup is not the issue. I do have backups so worse comes to worse that can be used. But really this is sloppiness on the part of Roon. We are all beta testers!

I also should note that I subscribe to both Tidal AND Qobuz as well as having a local db of files.

I see this. I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

That’s what I should see. And that’s what I normally see. And that’s what I don’t see now of course.

Updated to this today as been away. No issues so far. Sorry your having problems.

I agree, 882 is a mess. Why can’t Roon perform an update without resulting in errors?
How many times has this gone on? Years?
Clicking on artists only shows a subset of what I had in the prior releases. But I can do a search and all of the albums come up that aren’t shown on the latest screen

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This morning, I’m showing 1/2 of the artists I did late last night and last night I had 1/3 of the artists showing. At this rate, I won’t have any artists showing and I’ll have to search for any artist that I want to play which is pretty much I have to do now

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