Build 886? New update available, but no release notes

My core and my Windows 10 remote both just offered me an update to build 886;

But that link doesnt work yet. @support What are the changes in this new build?

Hi all, temporarily closing this thread while we clean it up and provide an update. Hang tight.


Hi everyone, thank you for bringing this up as soon as it happened. We’ve notified our team and this should be fixed now.

If you already updated to beta build 886, you should receive another update prompt shortly. Take the update and you will be back on the stable branch! You can also visit Settings > About to trigger the check for an update.

If you do not receive a prompt to update, you can manually re-install Roon from our website.


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@moderators - perhaps move this thread to Beta?

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Nope - there was an accidental release of a beta to non-beta users. This thread needs to be visible to all.


Oh wow. Yikes! Thanks for explaining.

Now that the issue has been resolved I think we can close this out and keep discussion in the #support thread for those who may need help updating. We’ll also post any further updates about this incident over there. Link below, thanks all!