Build 903 - Advanced settings disappeared from Device setup

Advanced settings (whole section) from Device setup have disappeared.

Is that on purpose?
How can I now set max bits/sample rates or enable MQA core decoder?

Hi Piotr,

What device are you seeing this with. I have just checked several of my audio devices and Advanced Setup is still there.

DAC connected to Roon Bridge on Raspberry PI or ifi Zen Stream via Coax or USB.

In Android app (that is still in lower version) they are visible.

iMac27 mid 2011, OS X 10.13.6
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Same here since the update to Build 903.

… and I can’t see my USB dac anymore


I am not able to reproduce your reports on my end, so perhaps this issue is due to something else.

@Piotr_Pekala - What kind of Roon Remote are you using? If you try to scroll or tap and drag, you do not see the advanced section on the lower end?

@Vexari - It does not look like you pressed the advanced section, once pressed the text will change to Hide advanced, can you give that a try?

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Remote on Win10

That’s a scrolling issue indeed. No scrollbars are available now. But using touch screen or pressing mouse and dragging works.


I have this same issue with an Auralic Aries G1. If I click on Show Advanced nothing appears there. I also have a HifiBerry DAC and the Show Advanced works fine. It’s just on the G1. Also it’s just on my Mac as it is all there on my iPhone. Weird.

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