Build 903 crashes all the time

The latest version of Roon crashes on both of my Windows 11 PCs randomly. I didn’t have such issue with the previous versions. The Roon core docker on my local linux server works fine and the playback on my Chord Poly+Mojo 2 is not interrupted.

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Qobuz Connect? Please enlighten me :slight_smile: Does that feature exist? :thinking:


it’s pretty much non-existent. Very few devices support it.

My Naim Uniti Atom HE has Qobuz integrated into its native app so Qobuz plays directly from the streamer. You can also play directly using the Qobuz app with Chromecast, but doesn’t work as good with hires. Not sure if Qobuz has a real connect feature like Spotify does, allowing you to handoff the stream. That’s essentially what Chromecast does.

Qobuz connect works with Chromecast. So even if your device doesn’t directly support Chromecast there is usually some kind of bridge solution that will. Obviously the limitations of Chromecast apply but some implementations can be very good indeed. I use a Buchhardt A500 with a Platin hub which has Chromecast integrated. There is a lot of messing about with filters with this system so it is far from plug and play but once over that it works great as a Chromecast system. I find it indistinguishable from other DAC’s I have.

Qobuz “Connect” over Chomecast is not a proper “connect” technology. It has limitations in frequency range and does not do gapless. You might as well call Qobuz over Airplay for Qobuz Apple Connect :slight_smile:

To sum it up. Qobuz does not have a Connect feature like Spotify and Tidal. When (if ever?) Qobuz will feature a direct handoff high res lossless streaming option (or Apple Music for that matter), I think Roon will loose a lot of subscribers :thinking:

I doubt roon will as there are lots of ways to stream qobuz already not involving roon. Direct streaming isn’t roons main point, ots all the other features.
If people don’t use them then that’s a different issue, but why use roon at all in that case.

The Buchhardt integrated Chromecast does gapless. I personally have no need for anything above 24/96. Actually I have very little content above 16/44.1. Any Qobuz 24/96 content plays fine. This will obviously not suit those for whom higher rez PCM or DSD is a requirement.

The problem with Qobuz is their app isn’t that great. Very little personalization. Don’t think I could stick with Qobuz if not for roon. I like Tidal’s app better but don’t like how MQA is still forced on you even with the CD quality tier. Also their mixed playlists don’t update everyday.

I’d probably leave roon if Apple Music figures out lossless over Airplay or some other handoff like it does with HomePod. Or maybe if Spotify ever releases their hifi tier. Would we keep me staying with roon if if they ever release mobile update to use on the go. Right now without some workaround, it only works where your core is.

95% of the reason I’m using Roon, is because I can stream gapless lossless high res directly to/from my streamer with Roon. I’m looking for a way to stream Qobuz gapless lossless high res to my streamer without Roon which is not hardware dependant. Could you please share some of the many ways you know, that this is possible?

I agree 100%. Chromecast does that, but, in my setup, is very very unstable, and I lose connection all the time. My WIFI works very well, so it’s not a network issue. Also non-gapless playback makes my butt cramp when listening music :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We’ll a software based solution could be HQPlayer if your streamer supports NAA. HQPlayer now has Qobuz native integration and cheap RPi can be used as a endpoint for HQPlayer if current streamer doesn’t support it.

I could live without the Qobuz app (I actually rarely use it, if at all), if I could get a “Universal remote app” of iOS that could handoff a Tidal or Qobuz lossless stream to my streamer (Connect like Spotify and Tidal), search in all steaming services from the app and 2 way sync. Apple Music works very very well in my opinion, and when Airplay 3 (lossless streaming) or whatever comes from Apple, I can’t see any use for Qobuz or Tidal. Or Roon for that matter.

Well I bought a device that has it in built. Lots of devices do, swap paying for roon and buy a device. Many dealers have multi year zero low interest credit, probably come out ahead.

Have you mentioned your streamer? The problem is you can’t just have a software solution without having a hardware solution on your streamer. Your steamer needs to already have support for some of these connections. My Naim HE has all these connections but I still prefer roon with Qobuz for now. Should mention I’m already a lifetime member but I’d still jump ship if Apple comes out with better solution. And by that I mean wireless lossless, not inconvenient wired solution from my iPhone.

@Chenhan_Shao Did you found a solution? I have the same problem on:

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎1/‎2/‎2022
OS build 22000.527
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.527.0

And Roon

I have an Argon Solo (don’t know about NAA?). I also have my Roon Core (Mac mini), which could connect directly to my DAC, if that could solve the problem. As I’m speaking, I’m trying Bubble UPNP, but my Solo does not support gapless over UPNP it seems :confused: Tried both Linn Kazoo and mconnect.

Maybe if you did a direct connection, there’s a way to remotely control Qobuz app?

Nope :frowning:

Oh I forgot about audirvana software. It has Qobuz and a remote app. Think it subscription based but might still be able to get prior version for one time price.