Build 923 - Restarted Roon, Tidal login does not work anymore, new log in into Roon was required too!

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Hi Roon Team,

after the build 923 update yesterday I restarted Roon and was surprisingly asked to enter my login data for Roon. Ok - This worked. Next was the request to re-enter my Tidal credentials. And here is the challenge - although the login data is correct the connection to Tidal was not establised by Roon (which worked for years until yesterday). Bottom line is that my music selection is 0 now and I do really hope you can fix this asap today. Otherwise any release until built 918 worked for Tidal…

Please help to get this fixed asap.


restart the core and you network equipment as a first step

Core restart and network equipment did not work. At the end a full core restall with the lastest backup was positive. Unclear why this problem incurred in the first place. The request can be closed.

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