Build 94 - Add to Library malfunction

(Starting a new thread because the previous one involved several different behaviors.)

I still get the behavior where I locate an album in Tidal, click Add to Library, it gets added and then after a second or so is deleted again (and the UX shows “this album has been deleted”). I described it in more detail before: go into the album shows 12 tracks, then 0 tracks, and gone.

Specifically, I wanted to a few Doors albums I don’t have (after reading Michael Lavorgna’s enthusiastic description of MQA on Bluesound); I could add Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman without problems, but Waiting for the Sun.

The server is build 94 (64 bit) on Windows.
Same behavior with a Windows remote, build 94 (32 bit), and an iOS remote, build 88.

Can you dump some logs to us using one of the IDs we gave you previously? I’d like to see if there’s anything useful in there, although we are tracking some lingering TIDAL issues on Windows that may or may not be related.

If you could, just PM me the ID you used to submit them and we’ll take a look. Thanks @AndersVinberg!

Just checked, the behavior is still in build 99: add to library, it gets added, and very quickly deleted.

This is still intermittent, and we’re still investigating. More discussion here.