Build 94 - Can't Connect To Library After Upgrade

Title pretty much says it all. Previously had no problems connecting. Both Library Server and client are OS X 10.10.5.

Interesting thing is that the Remote Library server doesn’t appear in client at all, unless I toggle “Accept connections from remotes” on the Library server. When I do that, the Library “Connecting…” message appears briefly on the Choose Your Library page, but then the connection fails.

Any help appreciated…

Hello @Clifford_Baron,

We didn’t make any changes related to discovery mechanism in build 94. Try to manually enter Library Server IP address - on ‘Choose your library’ screen press on ‘I want to connect to a different library’ and enter the IP.

If this won’t help try to restart both machines and your router.

You might also check that:

  • Both machines are in the same subnet
  • Software like firewalls or antiviruses (including the one which is built-in the OSX) don’t block Roon