Build 94 Has RoonServer been released?

I re-downloaded and reinstalled, but it’s still build 88. Thanks.

Under Settings/About do you have options to upgrade ?

Where are the instructions on upgrading RoonServer? I’m on build 88 also.

And how come there is no link for ANY version of Roon Server under the DOWNLOAD tab? I can’t find it anywhere… extremely frustrating!

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Ok. I found that by going into settings on my iPad app and then “About” I was able to update to build 94. However, “This Tablet” is still on Roon Version 1.1 (build 88). Is that correct or should it also be build 94? I did get the iOS update this week.

My Windows 7 machine upgraded to 1.1 (build 94) stable (32 bit).

Build 88 is the latest iOS version through the Apple approval process. Build 94 will follow when approved.

Thanks for the response.

Type RoonServer into the search box under the magnifying glass icon and you’ll find this FAQ with a download link. After it is installed you should get an “upgrade all” option when a new build is released, or you can do it manually in Settings/About.

I’m sure someone will say it’s not necessary but I always do a manual restart of the server after an upgrade. Shouldn’t need to but it always seems to remove niggling problems.

If I have a 64bit machine running roonserver but according to my remote app in “About” it states that I’m running a 32-bit version, can I simply upgrade by installing the 64 bit version. I assume if I’m on a 64 bit Windows machine I should be running a 64 bit application for optimum performance, correct?

Edit: Being ADD, I went ahead and installed with roonserver 64bit exe and everything seems to be working fine. 64bit is indicated in the Settings/About section on my remote app. Looks as though my database is intact as well. Will wait 24 hours then I can get rid of my backup.

The website is being re-designed. The new one has server links, but it’s not up yet.

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