Build 94 - No UI data after upgrade (fixed)

After updating roon to 1.1 (build 94) I no longer have the data portion of my UI even after a reboot. All the UI ‘elements’ are present and function, but no data shows up on the main window. Nothing is spinning in UI. The buttons on screen all work.
Win7 64-bit, local database, core system.

Hello @cixel, sorry for troubles.

What happens when you are trying to open Overview page or Albums browser?

I get this as well, but not right away. I put something on and when I return to change the screen is white. Click on anything in the menu and that stuff turns up. Happens on a remote machine, not the one with the library. OS X (el capitain), this new update.

I get this too. Does clicking on the black play bar at the bottom causes the queue to refresh and show itself - it does here.

Yeah, it reloads when I hit the black play bar.

Yes. Clicking on the Black bar on a non-button does get me going and brings up the UI, but this only works until a restart.

Just to close this out – this was traced to corruption in the file we use to track your location in Roon, so the application opens to the same screen it was on when you quit.

In this case the file was corrupt, and deleting it resolved this issue. If you’re experiencing a similar issue, PM me and I can walk you through the process of deleting the file.

Thanks all!